Trash to Treasure crafts - Weekend

Trash to Treasure crafts

By Patricia May P. Catan
Illustrations: Josua S. Cabrera


NOT all trash are worth throwing away, some just need a little skill and creativity to make them new again. And that’s exactly what these trash-to-treasure crafts are for. Repurposing garbage-bound things is one of the many ways you can do to help lessen waste on Earth and it’s also the most creative one. Here we are featuring a few green crafting ideas from the crowdsourcing website FaveCrafts that will not make you not just an eco-warrior but an artist as well.

From an old mason jar to a plant vase

It’s hard to throw away mason jars since they already look beautiful as is. But unused mason jars hanging around your house will only take up space and can be an eyesore to some. Transform your old mason jar to a plant vase to give your plants a new home. Mason jars are made of clear glass which makes the vase look even more lovely because you can see the roots and at the same time, you can monitor your plant’s health easily.

From a soda can to a coaster

Your coasters won’t look like any other coaster out there when you use soda cans. Eye-catching and naturally artistic, a homemade soda can coaster will not only serve its purpose but will beautify any space.

From an old magazine to a colorful cork board

You probably have a pile of old magazines in your room and you’re looking for a way to repurpose them. You can actually use them to design a cork board. It’s the easiest craft to do because all you need is a cork panel and some of your old colorful magazines.

From a pizza box to an art canvas

Admit it, you throw away your pizza boxes in an instant when no slice of pizza is left. Pizza boxes are immediately thrown away but you can actually make use of them as art canvases. You can make it as a tool to release all your creative juices and use scraps of old paper to make a collage.

From a tin can to a DIY organizer

If you’re someone who can’t take the clutter in your home then this organizer made out of tin can is for you. I’m sure you have some spare tin cans at home and you can convert these into your own DIY organizer to keep your kitchen utensils or craft materials in place.

From old jeans to a denim tote bag

Fabrics are fun to make into crafts and one common fabric you can use is your oversized or outdated jeans. You can use it to make an upcycled denim tote bag, which you can use to store your essentials or other goods.

From a spare placemat to a purse

You don’t have to buy an expensive clutch when you have an extra place mat at home. You can create these place mats into fashionable and functional purses that are great for social events or gifts for your loved ones.

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