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Don’t wait for next year to create and declutter

WE barely noticed but in a few days, it will be December, and before you know it, we’d be saying goodbye to 2016, a year that’s at times exhilarating, at times nerve-racking. For sure, dull won’t be a word to describe this year that’s going to be history in a few weeks’ time.

FOR YOUR PET. Find out what it takes to create a pet bed project. (AP PHOTO)
FOR YOUR PET. Find out what it takes to create a pet bed project. (AP PHOTO)

As much as 2016 was meaningful and productive, could we say the same thing about our lives? How much of the New Year’s resolutions did we fulfill —and did not? Either way, 2016 carries with it a certain momentum, and while there is time, we better make the most of it.

It makes sense, then, that we end the year right, or to put it in another light, welcome 2017 before it arrives. A good place to start would be in the house, which could use some hands-on creativity, as well as some timely decluttering. Here are some DIY ideas and clean up must-do’s to think about.

Pet bed project


A dog rests next to a DIY pet bed project created by crafter Kelly Mindell of Mindell transforms the large, plain yellow pillow into an emoji face with the help of iron-on fabric pieces cut into the shapes of your choice. Structured dog beds made from vintage suitcases or converted dresser drawers are great for smaller pets. For larger dogs, popular DIY projects include customized pillow beds like the one shown here.

Craft clean up


Darcy Miller, editor at large for “Martha Stewart Weddings,” says art project clean up is easier if supplies are kept organized. When Miller is in the midst of a project, the room gets disheveled. “If you could see what it looks like right now…” Miller says. The solution? Crafting drawers filled with tiny containers holding everything from color-coded paperclips to washi tape — some of the items she reaches for most. You can check out her work at

From the decluttering pro


In her book “New Order: A Decluttering Handbook for Creative Folks (and Everyone Else),” professional declutterer Fay Wolf shakes up old beliefs about clutter and organization. Wolf says the book is all about getting rid of stuff you don’t need — inner clutter, outer clutter, or digital clutter — and making the creative process easier.

“For a decade, I’ve helped folks declutter their lives, access creativity, and feel better about being adults,” Wolf says in her website No, she doesn’t believe in perfection, just in making things better even if just a bit. The book includes decluttering hacks, tips on how creatives can conquer chaos, and ways to organize one’s to-do list, inbox and calendar. (Freon L. Ollival/AP)

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