Do-it-yourself Valentine's Day - Weekend

Do-it-yourself Valentine’s Day

Gift ideas because you can

By Patricia May P. Catan
Illustration: Dexter A. Duran


IF YOU’RE big on giving and surprising your significant other with gifts on Valentine’s Day, you might as well think outside of the box or better yet, make them yourself. A gift is seen extra thoughtful when you personally make them. It might take extra work but nothing beats the sight of a beaming and perhaps teary-eyed loved one. Here’s a list of DIY Valentine’s Day gift ideas that you can try at home.

Graze Box

A graze box can get pretty expensive, so might as well curate one yourself using cheaper alternatives. You can shop for needed items at a local grocery store and pick ones that are equally tasty but for a better price. There are nuts, dried fruits, cheese, crackers, prosciutto, and wine that you can purchase at the supermarket without hurting your pocket. You can even recycle a durable box you have at home to lay your purchased items in a creative manner.

Food Bouquet

A bouquet of flowers is overrated. Although some still prefer to receive flowers, a food bouquet is more economical these days. Let’s admit it, it’s better to receive something that fills your stomach rather than one that withers. A food bouquet is easy to assemble. You simply need a poster board, tissue, ribbon, some skewers, and of course, food (make sure it’s your partner’s favorite). Put them all together like how you would make a bouquet and you’re done.

Pop-Up Card

Don’t even think about buying those generic Valentine’s Day cards you find in bookstores for this year. Take it up a notch by crafting a 3D card that’s more memorable. People still gets over the moon when they receive personalized love letters. What more one that pop-ups.

Custom Candy Box

Nothing is sweeter than giving your special someone a box of favorite sweets. Instead of wrapping one kind of candy, why not put a variety of them in a box? It’s fun to play with colors to make the box look prettier.

Homemade Bath Bombs

Bath bombs are becoming very popular (and expensive) but did you know that you can make one yourself? Homemade bath bombs make for a unique Valentine’s Day gift too. There are plenty of tutorials online that you can follow, then you can wrap them up nicely. Both of you can even enjoy the bath bombs together for a stress-free afternoon over a bottle of wine.

Pompom Flowers

Pompom flowers are better to give as gift rather than actual roses. No green thumb needed for this, just basic arts and crafts technique. You’ll be surprised what a single roll of yarn can do. What also makes this better is that one can safe keep the flowers without having to throw them away because they obviously don’t wither.

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