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Aditi Ahuja’s Spiritual Magma

INDIAN contemporary artist Aditi Ahuja held a solo exhibition titled “Spiritual Magma: A World-At-Large Series,” which features a collection of paintings inspired from the natural connections between tangible and mystic characters in the artist’s environment.

Aditi Ahuja
Aditi Ahuja

Consisting of modern abstracts, landscapes, and textured florals made in oil, acrylic, gold leaf, and other media, the exhibition highlights a variety of energies that most, if not all, can relate to. Many of her works now adorn private and corporate collections in various cities.

Aditi, which means “boundless” or “illimitable,” represents her taste, expression, insight, and technique in various forms of realistic art. Her interest in art first grew while living in Lucknow, the ancient cultural and artistic capital of North India. Her initial works explored the ruins of Mughal architecture and natural landscapes. Today, Aditi‘s art is a mature blend of years of thought, practice, and experience. She is currently based in Manila and spends her time contributing to society by pursuing her passion for art.

Unifying varied aspects of life through simplistic analogy and a spiritual backdrop, Spiritual Magma is part of Qube Gallery’s The World-At-Large Series that celebrates international talents. The exhibit, which opened last Oct. 22, runs until Nov. 14. (PR)

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