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Fire Escape

Illustrations by Geraldine Sypiecco
Illustrations by Geraldine Sypiecco

There are days when
I’m more of a fire escape
person than anything else;
When the only comfort of
solitude can be found in the
rusty stairs and vandalized
walls of decrepit white;
and there on the steps of the
fire escape, I get the chance
to be alone while still being
in touch with the social world
through the window that
looks upon the hustle and bustle
of everyday university life.
I see people come and go,
caught up in the whirlwind
of their struggles as the 9am sun
scorches their hunched
backs and quick-moving feet —
afraid of being late to their
next class right across the street.
There is a quiet satisfaction
to be had in observing, lurking in
the cold and oddly comfortable
fire escape, coupled with the odd
humor that if there were to be
a blazing orange of flames,
I would be the first one down the
steps of the fire escape, only to
end up facing a pile of garbage cans
blocking the exit.

— Monica Gloria Manluluyo

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