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Hours Only Ours

Illustrations by Geraldine Sypiecco
Illustrations by Geraldine Sypiecco

A book ends, the lines remain. We don’t have to tell
Each other the creases that clarify the words no colder
Than the conversations too scattered like isles sharing
The same depth. Like the spindrift of fear that caught me
Chuckling when I heard you hurling spit — beer
In your breath — at the sky with its morsels of storm over
The waters of Talisay while we waded through the tide
Of youth as if +it were as timeless as the rain, and nothing
Can break us. Not even the splash and the inevitable spill of
Years. See, old friend, some days gather like this: re-
Collected, constant as a lighthouse poring over the same
Old waves — this recurrent narrative only distance can
Translate, silent as a reading lamp steering the ink clear
Though the seaweeds of night are dumped smack on
Your eyelids. Let these lines, circling around history only
Ours to revisit, find you wrapped in the warmest blanket.

— Michael U. Obenieta

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