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The TRX way

Want to keep fit? Try harnessing gravity

Text by Fiona Patricia S. Escandor
Photos by Joan Navaja and Angelica Fernandez, Interns


ONCE upon a time, two decades or so ago, US Navy Seal Randy Hetrick had a dilemma: how was he going to stay fit while on deployment? No access to workout facilities that headquarters had previously afforded him, not even a small space where he can run around in.


Experimenting with an old jiu-jitsu belt and spare parachute webbing, he anchored a makeshift harness on a stable hanging bar in his room, and then with it did some pull-ups, presses and curls. At that moment, the earliest form of the TRX suspension training was born.

In this story of fitness, the famous line “necessity is the mother of invention” can’t be more true. It has since evolved into globally recognized fitness group that not only provides the gear, but also workout programs and trainers’ education.

In Cebu, the first TRX qualified and dedicated facility opened just last November.

Rip Samurai
Rip Samurai

Fitness levels for everyone

Located in Banilad, Khancept Core Training Center houses suspension and rip training facilities, plus a training circuit that includes plyometric boxes, sand bells (in lieu of the conventional dumb bells), bell ropes and agility ladders, among others.

Being a relatively new fitness activity in the locality, there’s a sense of intimidation surrounding suspension trainers — especially for newbies.

What can they do with it? How should they do it? Now there lies the interesting thing about the gear, says Khancept Core’s trainer August Pagtakhan. “TRX is scalable to all fitness levels — from beginners to advanced athletes. You can also do a lot with it. For one exercise, you can do different variations.”

“It’s a fun and great workout. Lots of sweat,” he added, despite the suspension gear’s seemingly simple form.

Rip Drive Plank
Rip Drive Plank

Core, flexibility, endurance

Using body weight as leverage, TRX training is cardio and strength training rolled into one that develops the core, and increases flexibility and endurance.

“Every day we with deal with body weight and moving against gravity,” August said.

TRX addresses that by developing body movements to make you more functional and efficient, even in the most menial of activities such as moving boxes at home or being agile enough to play with kids.

August pointed out: “What you can do in the gym translates to how you can do things outside.”

You may not have the same dilemma that TRX founder Hetrick had, but hey, this essentially helps you in keeping your health in tiptop shape and increasing functionality that in effect, improves your overall quality of life. And that’s pretty much a necessity as well.

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