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Eugenio: Ever-changing energy

by Judith Eugenio

Start with clarity

In my profession, it is known that energy is ever-changing. Favorable opportunities and unfavorable moments do not last long as energies can shift as fast as every two hours.

I always advise people to make the most or maximize those good energies and reduce the impact or minimize the negative energies. After all, we have little control on what happens to us but we are in full control of how things affect us.

Even if, in the Feng Shui perspective, favorable and unfavorable energies both last the same amount of time, the hard times always feel much longer than the good times. The main difference between the two is how negative energy often drains us of hope and power to even minimize its damage, thus making it feel much longer.

Despite the unfortunate effects of the bad moments in our lives, we are never alone in dealing with them. Despite our Heaven luck spelling out bad energy for us, our loved ones are always there to assist and guide us when we need them the most. It just takes a bit of Man luck to reach out and ask for assistance. Mustering up enough courage may even inspire others to do the same and can even convince complete strangers to assist us.

When the hard times hit, it is not “every man for himself’’ that brings us back to the easy times, but working hand-in-hand. People are strong, resourceful and have a strong will. We are able to bounce back from any setback that comes our way. Despite all our strength and will, it does not hurt to have a little bit more help. Asking for help is not weakness nor vulnerability, rather, it is a strength that helps people come together and work together.

No man is an island, and a sole island cannot survive without the help of others. Even though Heaven’s luck may not always dictate the best luck for us, since it is only 33.3 percent of what contributes to our success or failure, it can’t completely bring us down as Man and Earth luck still exists.

As long as we take the right actions and tap the right energy, we are always able to minimize any harm that comes our way, and with the right people, we may not feel it at all.

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