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DOH records 11 firecracker injuries

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WITH still less than a week before the New Year’s Eve revelry, eleven individuals have already suffered firecracker-related injuries, according to the Department of Health (DOH).

Based on the Fireworks-Related Injury Surveillance Report, the DOH said 11 firecracker-related injuries have been recorded since December 21 up to December 26 (6 a.m.).

“These were the same compared to 2020 (11 cases),” DOH said.

It said all cases were injuries due to fireworks, with 10 cases (91 percent) being males.

Five cases (45 percent) had blast/burn injury requiring amputation, five cases (45 percent) had blast/burn injury not requiring amputation, and one case (nine percent) had an eye injury.

It said a total of six cases (55 percent) were active users, while the remaining five (45 percent) were passive cases.

Six cases (55 percent) occurred at home, while five cases (45 percent) occurred in the street, according to the DOH.

It said that six cases (55 percent) were due to illegal fireworks, including three cases having been injured due to boga and piccolo.

The DOH said there was no fireworks ingestion, stray bullet injury, or death reported. (HDT/SunStar Philippines)

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