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Lapu-Lapu Eats

Patricia May P. Catan
SunStar Weekend Writer

THE current traffic situation in the city may discourage many of us from crossing the bridge to the neighboring island of Mactan, but let me give you one good reason to make the drive despite the headache it’s going to cause. Aside from being home to established resorts and beautiful beaches, the island is also considered a thriving food hub where locals and tourists alike visit to fill their tummies with some good grub. No headache caused by the traffic should stop you from stepping on that pedal and seeing what Mactan Island has to offer when it comes to its culinary explorations.

Mercato de Mactan

A new night food market recently arrived on the island of Mactan where homegrown eats and treats are available from Thursday to Sunday from 5 p.m. to 1 a.m. Mercato de Mactan is the hottest hangout in Lapu-Lapu City with vendors like Pekto’s Sizzling Plato, Roan’s Takoyaki, My Papart’s Lechon, The Boiling Shrimp, The Fat Belly, The Meat Up and Seafood Savage, just to mention a few, serving their specials over the weekend.

Oriental Spice Gourmet

This hole-in-the-wall serves authentic Southeast Asian dishes with its own magic that won Best Southeast Asian Restaurant in SunStar’s Best of Cebu 2017. Oriental Spice Gourmet is an ultimate treat for those who enjoy the taste of Southeast Asian flavors like Singaporean and Malaysian. The restaurant designs its menu in such a way that every appetite, preference, and tolerance is in mind for customers to better enjoy its gustatory delights.

MB’s Tavern

First-time visitors won’t notice this restaurant immediately as it’s tucked in a tiny corner along the streets of Mactan but MB’s Tavern is a popular beer joint among those who are familiar. More than just a known beer joint, this restaurant also serves Italian and German dishes that equally make this establishment a famous dining place. MB’s Tavern is mainly visited for its pizza that comes in huge portions and loaded with mozzarella cheese.

Africa Restaurant

Brunch never tasted and looked this good. Africa Restaurant offers not just a filling brunch meal but also provides a relaxing ambience with hints of beautiful Africa. This cafe is basically the perfect place to enjoy a good brunch and snap lots of IG-worthy photos in every corner. The meals served are also on the budget-friendly side which makes dining at this place worth more than it already is.

Joaquin Runaway View Grill

Dining with an awesome view is always a plus factor for food establishments and Joaquin Runaway View Grill has the most unique view there is as the barbecue restaurant is located in front of the Mactan International Airport runaway. Its specialties include the authentic Bacolod chicken inasal, our very own manok Bisaya cooked either fried or grilled or even tinola-style and the best-selling tuna panga.

Tuna Republik

Tuna Republik is for the people who enjoy everything and anything tuna. The restaurant offers delicious and affordable tuna dishes from sinugbang tuna belly, tinola, kinilaw, pancit, tuna nuggets, adobong bagaybay and tuna sisig to cheesy tuna dynamite and sashimi.

Dorting’s Barbecue

This modest barbecue place in Mactan is popular among Lapu-Lapu residents, frequented by tourists in the area and even visited by folks from the main city. This barbecue joint serves the usual pork, chicken, and innards but what makes this place famous is its marinade. Dorting’s Barbecue is well-known for its special blend of marinade that gives its product a different taste than most barbecue places found in Mactan.

Lumpia ni Senyang

Lumpia ni Senyang is considered a local delicacy for islanders. Its specialty being the lumpia nga taogi is best enjoyed with its hot sauce. It’s the perfect combo when you’re craving something fried yet want something spicy with it too. With Lumpia ni Senyang’s popularity in Mactan, it has also gained attention as far away as Metro Cebu.

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