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Hainanese, if you please

By Alexis Yap


AN ALL-TIME favorite Chinese dish should be the Hainanese Chicken – at least for me! It’s that perfectly white, tender chicken meat (breast part) with the ginger sauce and the Hainan rice that always makes a perfect heavenly combination.

At Hainanese Delights at Parkmall, a quarter serving of Hainanese chicken swimming in the most savory sauce comes with unlimited Hainan rice that is a perfect pair for the other delicious dishes on the menu you must also try.

HAINANESE DELIGHTS’ Best Selling White Chicken

Their BBQ Chicken and Breaded Pork Fry are two of their bestsellers that go well with their unlimited Hainan rice. Their steamed Shrimp and Pork Dumplings are so delicious, especially when dipped in their special sauce. They also come in the fried variety for those who are keen.

Their Crunchy Radish Cake and Fried Tofu are not just delicious – they’re a generous serving for under a hundred pesos. I know, right?

EAT THE HEAT. Spicy Fried Squid.
SOYA MILK DELIGHTS. Mango Passion Fruit

Eat the Heat is what they call their Spicy Fried Squid – and for good reason! They don’t joke around about it, so identify your personal threshold for fiery hot dishes and specify your heat level or even request for no chili at all.

This Chinese joint makes delicious noodle dishes, including a stir-fried Korean noodle dish called Chapchae that I am absolutely obsessed with right now.

SURF & TURF BITS. Steamed Shrimp and Pork Dumplings

Their Laksa comes with a piece of their delicious and freshly made Mantao Bread. Yes! And don’t worry, you can order more of it on the side.

Milk and fruit teas are also on the menu along with a variety of minty and fruity desserts. My drink of choice was easily the refreshing Mango Passion Fruit that turned out to be their bestselling flavor. Now I know why.

TAKE THE CAKE. Crunchy Radish Cake.

For the longest time, I have been planning to eat at their uptown Robinson’s Cybergate branch since they opened there some three years ago, but I never got chance to until they moved to their new location at Parkmall (at the corner, beside Savemore). This branch comes with new items on the menu and a beautifully designed dining area that you and your family will surely love.

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