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Funny tales of travel

Readers share their funniest travel stories

By Christian Jay B. Quilo

Traveling is one of the most enriching experiences a person can have in his lifetime. You get to discover a completely new place, meet people from different parts of the world and come back with beautiful stories as souvenirs, some just too hilarious not to share. In this week’s forum, our readers reminisce on the funniest moments they’ve had while traveling:

Izelle Fuentes, 22

Project Manager | Bigseed Public Relations & Events

“I was celebrating my birthday in Gigantes Islands with a few friends. Unfortunately, it was low tide at the time and our bangka couldn’t dock directly on the shore because it might destroy the corals underneath. So we had no choice but to walk to the shore in waist-deep water. We were just goofing around and laughing at our misfortune while following a trail of mossy blocks. Little did we know that we had onlookers from the island. Oblivious as we were, we just continued walking until we reached the shore. It turns out, those “mossy blocks” were underwater electricity panels that supply power to the whole island. Well, that was quite ‘electrifying!’”

Adrian Villaganas, 21

E-Marketing Specialist | Waterfront Cebu City Hotel and Casino

“Traveling abroad, especially to the other side of the globe, is definitely exciting – until jet lag kicks in and spoils the fun. One of the funniest travel stories I have was when my batchmates and I went to watch a Broadway show in New York. Coming from a 16-hour flight the day before, we were really drained yet we forced ourselves to see it because it was a chance of a lifetime. As expected, not halfway through the play, we found ourselves banging our heads like rock stars as we struggled to keep our eyes open for most of the time. We’d get startled whenever the audience would clap after every act. It was definitely disrespectful and embarrassing, yet jet lag prevailed that time. Nonetheless, we still had a great time in the Big Apple.”

Janine Dy, MOTPrac, OTRP, 28

Head Occupational Therapist, Clinic & Program Director | InterCare Life Skills Center

“One of the funniest trips I had was in Ormoc two years ago. We went to Lake Danao on our first day and my guy friends threw our kikay friend to the lake. She was hyperventilating, but we didn’t know if we should feel sorry for her or laugh at the situation. On our second day, we went to Kalanggaman Island for camping. As we were about to sleep, it rained and our tents were blown awawy – we ended up sleeping in one tent! Every time we reminisce about our Ormoc trip, we always laugh about how unfortunate it was!”

Jun Niño Nalipay, 28

TV Host and Training Consultant

“I was very confident to use Uber in Chicago without realizing that I was not in Cebu where I am familiar with the streets. Since the driver could not stop in the place I pinned on the app, he called and told me to wait in a spot nearby. Realizing I wasn’t familiar with the place, he suggested other landmarks, but these were alien to me as I was a total stranger to the metropolis. He patiently made three rounds until he found me on his fourth. Panicked, I opened the car immediately and saw his very face trying to keep cool. “I’m sorry,” I said. The driver just stared at me, paused and proceeded to the destination.”

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