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Mum’s the Word

Readers reveal secrets they have kept from mom

By Marymil M. Cabrera

Mother – the first best friend for most people. Just like a typical best friend, she is the first person you talk to whenever something is bothering you, someone you can lean on and a shoulder to cry on. But there are some things you cannot tell mom, specifically those that can hurt her feelings like going out without asking permission, losing her favorite Tupperware or every time you do not take her advice. These readers have “Don’t tell mom” moments that they’ve been keeping and there’s no better time to spill them than today.

Iah Uy, 23


“My biggest ‘don’t tell mom’ moment must be hiding the fact that I got 80 percent of my left arm covered in tattoos. She’s actually a Japanese-oriented lady; she hates tattoos because she said they are some sort of a rebellion totem for Japanese. Haha!”

Jic Quebec, 24

Customer Service Specialist

“It happened early this year. My parents didn’t know then that I am dating a guy and I considered it my biggest secret. They used to be close-minded about me bringing guys at home, may they be my classmates or friends – until I met this guy who is now my special someone. He is the first guy I ever brought home and introduced to my parents. I thought they would get mad at me. They instead welcomed him with smiles on their faces. I’m glad to have a supportive mama and papa.”

Sophie Rafols, 23

Sales and Marketing Staff

“My biggest ‘don’t tell mom’ moment was when I stole her favorite tumbler. She didn’t let anyone use it, not even my dad. Instead of asking permission, I stole the tumbler as I headed off to do my weekly yoga practice. The rest of the day was pretty typical. When I got back home, I realized that I lost her tumbler. So, I made my boyfriend rush to Ayala and buy the exact tumbler my mom owned, and drop it off at my house. Luckily, he arrived a few minutes before my mom did. Love you mom!”

Charmaine Hernaez, 24

Industrial Engineer

“Lol! It would be telling her that she cooks delicious food but the truth is, she’s the worst cook I’ve ever met! (I’m sorry mom but that’s the truth). I don’t want to tell her that directly because hurting mom’s feelings will do no good.”

Nelvin Ibale, 22


“My biggest ‘don’t tell mom’ moment was back in high school when I got my ex-girlfriend pregnant. Kidding, I don’t hide anything from my mom because I know she’s always on my side. The impregnating my ex part was also just a joke, by the way.”

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