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Gotta Have It

Weekend readers share their summer
staples for that perfect summer

By Marymil M. Cabrera

Preparing your summer outfit is as important as getting that summer body ready to make yourself comfortable yet stylish under the searing heat of the summer sun. Summer outfits should be fun, colorful, carefree and relaxed to match the sunny season. But along with fun summer fashion finds should be items that stand the test of time — an essential that is the foundation of a classic wardrobe, anchoring whatever pieces you match with it. These readers share their summer staples that strike a balance between classic and stylish.

Dulce Zambo, 32
@savethemermaids, @5minutebeachcleanup, @4ocean

“As someone who lives a conscious and low impact lifestyle, I choose my summer essentials with earth in mind. I wear quality swimwear that is made with upcycled materials from ethical companies to help the environment and support local. I only use reef-safe sunscreen to protect my skin and keep our oceans healthy. Hydrate by drinking lots of fluids in my reusable tumbler. And lastly, I spend #5minutebeachcleanup to contribute in making a difference and be part of the solution and not the pollution.”

Kerr Quevedo, 22
Writer/Computer Engineer
“Aside from having an iced coffee beverage tucked in my left hand, my favorite summer staple is a cute pair of swim shorts. As someone who isn’t afraid to get dark, I like wearing a pair to the beach to get full exposure of the summer sun that I don’t get a lot when I’m seated in my office desk. You can never go wrong with swim shorts. Just be comfortable in your own skin (literally) and embrace your body — stretch marks, flabs, scars and all!”

Maeine Mosquite, 24
Flight Attendant

“Summer is the most stylish season for me. While everyone’s essentials include some easy-breezy wardrobe pieces or maybe those fun and trendy accessories, nothing completes mine except for confidence. Let’s just not deny the fact that you’ll never go wrong with it. The only key is to embrace yourself. If you are confident enough, you can actually pull off anything.”

Axel Campilan, 23
Physical Therapist

“As a sneakerhead, I always make sure my outfits highlight my footwear. Since it’s getting warmer every day with summer time upon us, I like to keep things simple up top with a loose plain shirt and khaki shorts, while making my sneakers stand out with various colors and models such as Ultraboosts, Air Forces and New Balance 990s. Overall, I just like to keep my outfits cool and cozy because for me, when I feel good and comfortable, I’ll most definitely look good.”

Johanna Tagapulot, 27 
Entrepreneur, Administrator/Operations Coordinator
Fashion and Lifestyle Blogger

“My preference is to focus on a simple summer style. An outfit that is easy to mix and match with everything and look great! Chic and plain styles like a basic white t-shirt is perfect for keeping me cool, comfortable and effortlessly elegant even under the heat of the sun. And I never forget to wear my statement earrings, because a great pair of earrings adds more oomph to my outfit.”

Iah Alcuizar, 22
Chief Operating Officer/Pinoycare Visa Center
Co-owner/Prisca by Hollywood Nails & Spa

“Tropical prints are a classic summer staple. Pair it with plain bold or solid colors, and it’s an outfit you can wear from day to night. Sophisticated, eye-catching and easy to pull off!”

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