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In the Pink of Health

Weekend readers share health
tips to combat health issues

By Marymil M. Cabrera

Today’s technological developments in healthcare have saved innumerable lives and even improved the quality of life. But having the knowledge on how to take care of yourself, most specially when you’re sick, is the best way to survive. These readers share some tips that have helped them face their own health issues head on.

Clark Jolbot, 30
Editor/Fatboys Productions
Freelance Stage Manager/Theater artist

“My work requires me to be always on the move – lifting gear or camera, walking long distances or running to and from places and even standing for a prolonged period of time. I am quite beyond my ideal weight for my height, and my feet are pretty small for a large guy. This has caused me recurring pain on my two feet. Before going to sleep I mobilize my feet by stretching them and trying to elevate them as well. I have also recently started intermittent fasting which would hopefully lighten the load on my feet. It’s an everyday battle. But I’m hopeful that when I reach a certain weight, things will change. My feet won’t be in constant stress.”

Mae Migabon, 31
Public Affairs Officer
Smart Communications Inc. – VisMin

“I just recently got diagnosed with endometriosis, a condition that can only be properly diagnosed by undergoing a procedure called laparoscopy. Having a strong support system has really helped in my recovery. Aside from my family, social media did help me find a group called Endometriosis Philippines Discussions Group where I get to meet women who have been diagnosed with endometriosis. We get to share what we are going through every day and help one another on how we can potentially live a normal life in spite of the pain brought about by our condition and the toll it has taken on our womanhood and our capacity to bear children. The idea of having people who understand your current condition can be a relief to this disease that has no definite cure.”

Sweet Veloso-Selma, 33
Mom/Lifestyle Blogger

“Postpartum issues are under-discussed in our society. That’s why most mothers suffer in silence. A woman’s body and mind goes through a tremendous amount of stress. Everything changes physically, emotionally and mentally. Even after three years since I gave birth I still have problems with my bladder, digestion, acid reflux, sudden outburst of emotions, anxiety, my postpartum weight, insecurities and more. I was overwhelmed in taking care of my son that I ignored every discomfort I felt. Little did I know that my body and state of emotional being was already a ticking time bomb. Now I always allow myself to rest and help my body heal. It makes me rebuild my strength and regain my sanity. I exercise according to my schedule, I allow myself to be pampered, I always remind myself never to skip meals and to watch what I’m eating and having someone to constantly talk to about my anxieties and dilemmas really helped to cope better with the physical and emotional challenges I faced post-pregnancy.”

Paula Giron-Chua, 30
Managing Director
Pixie Dust Creations

“Stress. It’s the root of all illness. Your immune system suppresses when you’re experiencing high levels of stress. I deal with it by doing a three- to five-minute meditation at least twice a day – one in the morning before I start my day and another when I feel like there’s just too much going on. Also, physical exercise greatly helps in managing it.”

Ranier Alvizo, PTRP, 24
Physical Therapist
Maayo Medical

“In 2015, when I was still 20 years old and studying Physical Therapy, I never thought I would be diagnosed with hypertension. Few years later, now that I am a licensed physical therapist, I already know how my life would have turned out if I didn’t do something about it. I started changing my lifestyle by eating right. As a person who promotes wellness, I started doing my exercises regularly which led to the decrease of my blood pressure within the normal limits which allowed me not to take my medications anymore.”

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