Guiltless self-gift giving - Weekend

Guiltless self-gift giving

What readers wish to ‘surprise’ themselves with this Christmas

By Cassandra C. Poculan
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HOW many times in a year do we reward ourselves with something ostentatious for a job well done at work or in school, or for some major milestone? How many of those “I deserve this” gifts did we truly deserve? While not everyone has the luxury to splurge on rewards or even just-because gifts for himself at any given time, we can all agree that Christmas is the time of year when we can spend our hard-earned resources on gifts for loved ones and also ourselves. These readers tell us what they’re willing to put a “To Me, From Me” tag on this season.

Rosefil Toledo Lam, 27
Registered Nurse

“This year’s Christmas gift to myself is actually something I consider very special and close to my heart and that is to become a foster parent of an orphaned elephant or rhino. They have become orphaned because their mother and family have been killed to serve the brutal ivory trade. A reputable conservation organization in Kenya, David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust, operates a successful rescue and rehabilitation program that also allows you to participate in providing the needs of these animals through its Foster Parent Programme. With all that being said, giving an orphaned baby elephant or rhino the precious gift of hope and life is all I want this Christmas. Merry Christmas to you all!”

Tonnie Gunce, 28
Infection Control Nurse

“When everything is temporary and nothing lasts forever, the best thing that you could focus on is the present and counting every blessing you receive. The precious gifts you can give to yourself are time for yourself and with loved ones, a chance, forgiveness and peace of mind. Nothing beats the moments we share with people we love the most. A chance too to follow my dreams and do things that are important to me. Lastly, you are not defined by your past. Being able to forgive myself for my shortcomings and recognizing my mistakes. The lessons I learned during the moments when I was unwise made faith grow inside me that everything will work out in God’s perfect time as long as you put Him at the center.”

Angelica Tablada, 30
Customer Support
Gulliver Offshore Inc.

“This year’s Christmas is special for me because I have decided to treat myself to a short out-of-the-country vacation. Learning new culture is a great experience that I’m going to keep for the rest of my life and the best story that I could ever tell. This is going to be a birthday treat to myself as well as I start another chapter of my life. Nothing is worth a treasure more than memories.”

Prince Colago, 22
Sales Account Executive

“The gift of time in the form of a roundtrip ticket to Batanes. It’s important to take care of your well-being and to recharge yourself from the harsh environment of the city. Away from the pollution and traffic by finding ways to nurture your body and nourish you mind, the beauty and freshness of Batanes. Allowing yourself to have moments to unwind, de-stress, and reconnect with yourself, which will make you more productive, have more energy, and feel happier, which will result in fostering better relationships while reducing your stress levels.”

Rhea Garcia, 28
Systems Analyst – SAP Hybris
Lexmark Cebu

“It’s always good to reward yourself with something especially for Christmas, but there’s nothing better than seeing the smile on the faces of your loved ones. For me, to grant the wishes of the people closest to my heart and see them happy and fulfilled is the only gift I would ever want this season. After all, Christmas is not just receiving or rewarding oneself, it’s also about giving.”

Nigel Alinsug, 24
Senior Specialist
JP Morgan Chase and Co.

“A gift to myself this Christmas would be circumstantial possibility. It is when you are open to the possibilities laid forth by the circumstances in your life. We often miss chances of positive change in life due to the fear of such decisions yielding negative results or just simply enjoying the comforts of the familiar. Change is the one thing consistent in this world and accepting such would take us one step closer to be where we want to be in life.”

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