Bagging bargain breaks

By Cassandra C. Poculan


ALMOST every friend group has that designated lookout for cheap flights. After all, nothing feels quite as satisfying as scoring incredibly low airfare especially to your dream destinations. And it’s not only the frugal ones who get a kick out of seat sales — website or app glitches notwithstanding. However, some are more successful than others in this endeavor, whether it’s by sheer luck or by persistence. These readers recall the best deals they got on their past getaways.

Lucena Rose Magdadaro, 27
Licensed Physician

“Two years ago, I was still in med school and was swamped with examinations and research deadlines. I was only daydreaming of going on a vacation when I suddenly got a notification for a seat sale to Korea (around P6,500 roundtrip). I remember jumping at it without a second thought, and until now it’s one of the most memorable trips I have ever had. There is no better way to enjoy school breaks and to reward yourself for accomplishing milestones than to travel. And there is just this high that you feel when you know you were able to save so much money through a seat sale (especially when you are still financially dependent) and you know you deserve it because you have worked so hard for it. It makes you appreciate the experience even more.”

Gia Mayola, 22
Managing Editor, Zee

“I’ve never had luck with seat sales. Maybe I’m just too slow when I try to book a flight, or everyone else is just too fast. Hopefully soon, I can get a hold of these cheap flights that everyone’s mad about!”

Jean Lim, 25
Silvermoon Luxe

“Two years of my life was mostly exploring different cities and islands. But with limited budget, I would always wait for flight promos. Luckily the last trip I took in the country, the base fare was only two pesos and if I’d include the tax and other fees, the total airfare was only P240 pesos from Camiguin to Cebu. It was a great deal for a seat sale! Definitely, it’s more fun to travel around the Philippines!”

Therese Velasquez, 20
Industrial Engineering Student
University of San Carlos-Technological Center

“The best price I got on a seat sale was for P5,600 last April 25. It was the last two seats for a five-day round trip to South Korea and it was memorable for me because it was my first overseas trip! My best friend actually found the promo on Klook app and with that price, it was an adventure steal! The trip was scheduled last October and that meant we got to experience South Korea’s best season, autumn. We toured famous attractions like Gyeongbukgang Palace, N Seoul Tower, Everland, and Nami Island but definitely, my favorite was the Myeongdong Shopping Street because of the large variety of street food. It was also near the subway, stores, and the place we stayed at for the whole trip. As South Korea being one of Asia’s countries with the best food, you know where we splurged our money on!”

Khent Sotto, 25
Sales Representative for Global Travel
Moët Hennessy Australia New Zealand

“I have never bought anything on ‘seat sale’ because I like flexibility when I travel, most especially when I’m on holiday mode. Buying a ‘seat sale’ ticket would prevent me from changing my travel plans. I also travel frequently for work so booking a flexible ticket gives me that assurance that I won’t be paying any more $$$ should I need to change my flight.”

Glendalynne Pino, 22
Executive Assistant
VBP Back Office Solutions

“I scored a P4,220 roundtrip ticket to Taipei while randomly searching for the cheapest destination without the need for a visa. It was a good coincidence as the date was a weekend before a work holiday. What really pushed me to book it was the great timing on the mid-year bonus. I didn’t think twice and booked it. Great deals come to those who wait.”

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