Archcon 2018's Best Five - Weekend

Archcon 2018’s Best Five

Text & Photos: Irene Mariell Labucay and Naomi Jemimah Liao
STC MassCom Interns


THE spotlight is anime enthusiasts who’ve been waiting for Cebu’s most epic hobby event. Now on its 14th year, ARCHcon Cebu has become the venue for the local creative industry, particularly gamers, cosplayers and artists, to showcase their most creative side to the local community. It was a two-day fun-filled experience that lit up the Oakridge Pavillion last Oct. 27 and 28. Participants found themselves in a world of anime and cartoons, all thanks to cosplayers who slayed in their cosplay outfits. But the entertainment was just about to begin because every hour of ARCHcon 2018 was jampacked with activities. Here are the best five of ARCHcon 2018:

You can’t help but notice the vibrant appeal of these cosplayers who slayed in their costumes.

1. Cosplay madness

Let the Weeaboo’s (anime die-hard fans) tell you what’s an anime event without cosplays. Ask them as well how cosplayers would go all out just to pull off their look. For sure, a long conversation awaits your day, what with three categories of cosplay competitions — individual, group and pet cosplay. Some went as Marvel superheroes, villains, manga anime characters, and even as a squad of T-rexes who sang and jived to the beat! Also, kudos to three pet owners for three competitors who joined the stage with their pets in hand – two cats and one dog — vying for the “best pet cosplayer” award. These fur friends definitely stole the show!

Cosplayers made the event their runway to flaunt their costumes.

2. Merchandise splurge

Hobby events are always memorable when you take souvenirs with you. There’s always something about bringing home a loot bag with Harry Potter’s wand, Naruto key chains, superhero memo pads and even Pokemon stuffed toys, pop sockets and stickers! Enthusiasts flocked at concessionaires as they scanned through the merchandise with that unfathomable look, perhaps of joy, awe, and surprise. With a shoulder-to-shoulder situation going on in the concessionaires, you’d understand why ARCHcon Cebu has gone from strength to strength year after year.

Stickers were on display and were priced as low as P5 each.
Cute anime key chains were one of the best-sellers during the two-day fun-filled event.
Anime pins were also a hit, and its variety of characters gave buyers a hard time choosing.

3. Epic games

At ARCHcon, the passionate animated world of gaming was in full display. From arcade games, board games, to e-sports, gaming areas were teeming with gamers, as hands were busy at work shuffling cards, clicking mouses, and keying in their keyboards. From time to time, loud sighs from those who won or lost filled the venue, minus the trash talking of course.

There’s some serious atmosphere going on in here as contestants wear their game face (and mask) on.

These pets joined the pet cosplay competition… and stole the show!

4. Craft Exhibition

What greeted the attendees near the entrance were tiny figurines of Gundam, Warhammer, and other custom-painted figurines. Other finely crafted anime and cartoon figurines were also displayed near the stage, drawing praise from guests and participants.

Groot figurines waving at you!
These well-lit figurines were a head-turner and yes, it was worth the watch!
These anime fighters transformed into tiny craft pieces and were on display near the main entrance.
These dolls drew curiosity because of their intricate stitching. Do you know what they’re for?

5. A “Con” with a Cause

Above all the fun and enjoyment, came the desire of the ARCHcon 2018 to reach out and support different local advocacies. ARCHcon Cebu raises funds every year to support charity and other outreach activities under the Blue Plate Project. ARCHcon Cebu’s competitions such as gaming, art and cosplay benefits the Kythe Foundation, the Cancervants, DOTA Deaf-Mute Community and the Island Rescue Organization (IRO). As as it goes beyond leisure and pleasure, ARCHcon is truly a gamechanger for social events.

These One Piece draw strings brought back the good old days when anime series used to air all the time on TV.
Meaningful artworks were displayed in advocacy booths. This one’s in the Cancervants booth.

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