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A word with the dear departed

By Cassandra C. Poculan


LOSS is a part of life and everyone reacts differently to it and employs various coping mechanisms. We are allowed to grieve however long we want to but being the naturally resilient humans that we are, we can often adjust to it and go on with our lives sooner than we think. But if there’s anything worse than losing a loved one, it’s probably the fact that you can no longer talk to him as you please. It doesn’t matter if it has been months or years, the pain lives on, though in most cases, the intensity diminishes over time. These readers share what they would say to the ones they’ve lost if only they could.

Farrah Casilda Nazareth, 35
Co-founder/Managing Director
No Strips Waxing Salon/Tint Permanent Makeup

“Dear Mommy, it’s been almost four years since you left but not a day goes by that you are not remembered. I wish you were here to see how I am doing now. So if I could send you a letter to heaven, I’d let you know how much I miss and love you. I know you still hear me, please know this is true, that everything I am today is all because of you.”

Erika Torrefiel, 22
Law Student
University of San Carlos

“What would I say to a deceased loved one? Well first, of all the days you could have left, why on my birthday? It’s funny how contradicting it is because as we celebrate the day I was born, we’re also celebrating the day of your death. I guess it’s a real eye-opener that no matter how many twist and turns you take, you still end up back in His arms. I just hope you’re happy and truly at peace. But what I really want to say is I miss you and I love you because regardless of how overused and cliché these words are, there are no better words to describe the emotions I or anyone in the family feels on the days that we are the happiest, saddest or just going through one of those routine days when we think of you or just one of those random fleeting moments.”

Kemuel Mariano, 26
Radio Frequency Engineer

“If I could communicate to a deceased loved one I would say that we miss her so much. That we are perfectly fine. The kids miss her so much, and that they grew up so fast that one of them is already an incoming college freshman. That she doesn’t need to worry about them because they are taken care of and I just wish for her to enjoy the perks of being in heaven.”

Vannah Ang, 24
Project Manager
Bigseed PR and Events

“I would most definitely ask my great grandmother, ‘Mama, can angels like you still eat food in heaven?’ And I would thank her for always watching over me, of course.”

Jeriel Dela Peña, 24
Licensed Marine Engineer
OSM Maritime Services

“It would be my grandma. Hey there, La. Eight years has passed but it seems as if it was just yesterday when you used to prepare food for me after school. The affection you showed us will always be remembered. Could you take a selfie there in heaven? Where life is eternal, mansions abound and streets are made of gold. Hope you are having a good time, rest in peace.”

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