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The seafood king

By Michael Karlo Lim


DIM sum literally meaning (to) touch (the) heart does mine, as I declare time and again, with Hakao (Har Gau) or Steamed Shrimp Dumplings. Of course, I also allow myself to be swept off my feet by other representatives of this culinary line and did with the sampler of Pork Siomai. So began lunch at Hai Shin Lou Seafood King Cebu.

Mashed purple taro is stuffed with meat and veggies and deep-fried. The crispy crust crumbles into the silky, distinctly tuberous starch and melding well with the proteins in the Taro Puff.

The floral sweetness of honey, warm notes, and aromatics of five-spice, deep flavor of soy, and the fragrant sweet-saltiness of hoisin come together on tender, lean pork shoulder in the Barbecue Pork. Pro tip: seek out the singed parts that come off sweet, smoky and delightfully crunchy — putting the char in char siu.

The classic Soyed Chicken has delicate, well-seasoned skin and super tender meat. Owing to a superior soy sauce, the soy flavor is a standout without being unpalatably salty.

Live shrimp go straight into the steamer to redefine freshness with extremely juicy seafood-sweetness. Plump meat unadulterated by ice makes for tender, tasty bites.

Hai Shin Lou Congee Bestsellers

Fresh fillets stir-fried to a perfect fork-flaky are golden, but the homemade bean curd is the star of in the Fish Fillet with Homemade Bean Curd in Hot Pot. The smooth, tender texture graduates from firm to a silken and almost cream cheese-like centers to argue for the possibility of it being a standalone dish.

The amount of the greens overwhelm the soft, delicate and sweet taste of crab in the Fresh Crab Meat with seasonal vegetable but it was a welcome deceleration of flavors in the progression.

Hai Shin Lou Dimsum Bestsellers
Hai Shin Lou Dimsum Bestsellers

Generous portions of shrimp, scrambled egg, barbecued pork, and vegetables are stir-fried into the plainness of white rice to give it a house signature in the Yang Chow.

To finish the meal, we were served Almond Jelly with hand-cut fresh fruit in syrup for a refreshing and delicious cap.

Steamed Live Shrimp

After a month on soft opening, Hai Shin Lou Seafood King Cebu is now ready to accommodate guests at full capacity with high-quality service and serving delicious and healthy Cantonese

Dishes. Specializing in authentic Cantonese Cuisine that uses the freshest and the best imported and local ingredients.

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