Are you a techie?

By Christian Jay B. Quilo
Illustrations: John Gilbert Manantan


WHILE some have gadgets out of modern day necessity, others consider it an integral part of their person — a lifestyle, one may call it. More than just owning a gadget, technophiles or techies have a deep understanding and grasp of technology and its intricacies that most people would be perplexed about or be unaware of. Here are 8 obvious signs of a techie:

You speak tech jargon.

UI, HTML, web server, IP address and all those other terms a regular person would consider a foreign language. Tech-speak might as well be, so consider yourself multi-lingual.

At a glance, your search history consists of tech-related topics.

Scrolling through the list of websites you last visited and keywords searched, you might see “release date of latest iPhone”, “Dell XPS 13 product review” or “Samsung Galaxy Note 9 versus Apple iPhone XS”. These are the most pressing and relevant current issues to you.

You would rather spend money on gadgets than clothes, food or anything else for that matter. You’d rather shell out your hard-earned savings on a good hard drive or a pair of bomb headphones than a new shirt or an expensive meal at a restaurant. You know your priorities.

You’ve got more gadgets than you probably need. A smartphone, another smartphone in case the previous smartphone fails, a tablet, a laptop — you have a well-stocked arsenal of technological weapons at your disposal.

Your idea of shopping is a trip to the electronics stores. Browsing through the racks of gadget accessories, tinkering with the electronics on display, inquiring about the pros and cons of a potential purchase — that’s therapeutic for you.

You can maximize the use of every gadget you have. You know your gadgets inside out. Touch gesture controls, hands-free features, virtual assistant; all these things some would consider superfluous and unnecessary — you’ve got it down pat.

You are inseparable from your gadgets. Almost like an extra limb. You can’t go a day without your hands on your precious gadgets. The clinginess is real.

You have an app for everything. For monitoring your expenses, listing your groceries, keeping track of your menstruation cycle, keeping motivated with quotes to read every day — name a task to do and you have the perfect app for it.

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