A checklist for techies

By Patricia May P. Catan


TECHIES live and breathe technology, especially computers. They never fail to show great interest and knowledge in technical things that shape them into modern savants. While it does take a lot to be a techie, each one has a survival kit of sorts that help match their persona and aid them in their everyday lives. Here’s a checklist of what every techie should own in their starter kit.


Techies carry a lot of gadgets with them, all for different purposes. When used for music or gaming, these gadgets take much of the battery. This is where a powerbank or maybe two come in handy for backup. Techies never leave home without one because it’s basically the lifeline they need. It’s also handy and convenient when there are no sockets in sight to save the day.

Hard Drive

More storage space is what techies need, especially when they have loads of software and games downloaded in their computer or laptop, and they need ample memory to store important files. Most techies would invest in a reliable hard drive no matter the price without question because it can safe-keep all their documents and give way for more storage space in their desktop.


The Microsoft Surface Headphones

Techies are also particular with their headphone specs and choose only the best brand out there. Techies are all for the sensory experience when they put on their headphones where every bit of sound is heard. Headphones make these techies easier to spot in a crowd because they’re always wearing them, either blasting their playlist, gaming or editing.


iPhone XS (right) and XS Max

Of course, a smartphone is a given. But usually, these techies don’t join the bandwagon and buy the latest releases. Smartphones are just one of the many gadgets where specs matter most to them. They need a reliable smartphone where it can carry all their apps and files in the long run while displaying its useful standout features. While some do buy the latest models, most are still more meticulous in finding the right smartphone.


Much like their smartphones, techies can’t live without their laptops too. Here, all kinds of software and games are downloaded. Therefore, techies need a laptop that’s fast, handy and reliable to make their work and play easy breezy.

Phone Holder

Techies like to find a way to make their lives easier, and one accessory that can help them with that is a phone holder. They are always up for some research through tutorials, videos and the like. Since they’re on their phones most of the time, a phone holder is a convenient tool to avoid strain. Plus, it’s easy to store and they can practically bring it everywhere they go.

HDMI Cable

Techies keep an HDMI cable because it connects their gadgets to a digital television. When they want to watch a movie on a bigger screen or have an important presentation, they can whip out their HDMI cable and have better visual and audio accompaniment.


A mouse is just as important as any desktop or laptop for techies. It’s basically their hands or pointing device when on the computer and they need a mouse that performs well enough especially when working on edits, videos, layouts, or even playing games.

Bluetooth Speakers

Techies will just have to enable their bluetooth and connect it to the speakers, which make it a great tool for them. There are bluetooth speakers that are easy to carry around with impressive audio that’s much better than usual.

Pocket Wi-Fi

Techies need to stay connected and a pocket wi-fi is what they use for work, research or games. Its small, easy to load and use. Plus, connection is really good too.

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