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7 reasons you should watch Cebuano films

By Patricia May P. Catan
Illustrations: Enrico P. Santisas


IT’S about time for Cebuanos like you to support anything and everything local. A promising beginning would be to support and watch Cebuano films. But if you’re still skeptical on why you should invest your time and a bit of money on local films, here are seven reasons why you should not hesitate and just follow what your gut says.

1. Cebuano films are a form of social education.

Cebuano films often tackle societal issues which helps when you’re on the clueless side. Familiarizing yourself with these issues through films is one of the many creative ways for awareness that are not labeled as “boring.” Films are especially useful for the youth who often neglect their need to be educated.

2. It’s a huge support for Cebuano filmmakers.

Cebu has quite a number of talented filmmakers whether they are established or newbies. The struggles of producing a film are inevitable, but these filmmakers still create award-winning films we see today. Taking the time to watch them is considered a huge help, not just to these filmmakers but the entire local film industry.

3. They highlight local actors and actresses.

Aside from talented filmmakers, there’s an abundance of talent in the performing arts department too. When you watch these films, you’ll see that there’s a lot of promising actors and actresses in Cebu that are just as good with those we see on big screens.

4. It encourages other people to give Cebuano films a chance.

It’s disappointing to learn and hear that most Cebuanos still lack interest in locally-made films. They often prefer Hollywood movies starring their favorite Hollywood stars and spend more or less 240 pesos on a ticket but never even bother to watch Cebuano films that are way cheaper and sometimes even free. When you show interest in watching these films, people are sure to follow and be encouraged as well to give Cebuano films a chance.

5. They give importance to the local language.

You’ll hear people say that Cebuano films are “baduy” all because they are in Bisaya. These kinds of people are pretentious and have zero sense of pride for their own region or city. Thanks to local filmmakers for making films that give importance to our language and use it with pride and joy which is why you should watch and support these types of films when you can.

6. It’s a gathering of people who share the same interests.

Local film festivals or simply a film appreciation night are exciting gatherings that connect Cebuanos who share the same interests in film. You can attend or join gatherings such as these to meet people and learn more about the process of filmmaking and get to know better the team behind the films you’ve watched. Who knows, you might be forming your own team soon and before you know it, you’re out there making your own film.

7. There’s so much takeaways to bring with you after.

Cebuano films never lack the inspiration for aspiring filmmakers as well as they always incorporate life lessons for every audience to realize. Every film is different which gives a different impact depending on the audience watching. But what’s true is that you’ll always have takeaways to bring with you after, be it a point of reference for discussion in the future or conversation starter for those who’ve seen it too.

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