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Picturesque heritage

Readers share which heritage sites they find most beautiful up close and in photos

By Karl Aries Emerson F. Cabilao, FUAP
Heritage photos: SunStar File


OLD buildings keep a unique and mysterious charm. Perhaps it is because of the stories that lie behind its walls and the historical value sheltered under their roofs. When people travel to other countries, taking a photograph of (or a selfie with) buildings and places of heritage would always prove to be a good souvenir to bring back home or post on social media.

The Philippines, having gone through many centuries of Spanish and American colonization, keeps a lot of beautiful heritage buildings in its various cities and towns. Whether they stand amidst towering and modern buildings or situated in a more remote and quiet neighborhood, the buildings boast of distinct architecture that transports you several centuries back. Even with the mindless demolition of many important buildings through the years by insensitive government leaders and private institutions, the remaining pieces of history-rich architecture all around Cebu continue to draw visitors and stir interest among them.

As the country celebrated National Heritage Month last May, these readers talk about their favorite heritage buildings here in Cebu that they consider as picture-worthy-beautiful.

Oslob Heritage Park

“The old church and the Cuartel ruins in Oslob are a sight to see! Being one of the oldest church buildings in the country, walking around the it and the nearby ruins feels like you’re in Rome, Italy.”

Ryan Uybengkee
Professional emcee & DJ

Ivy Marie Apa
Artist/College instructor
Department of Fine Arts, University of San Carlos)

Cebu Metropolitan Cathedral

“I admire the Baroque-Rococo architecture of the Cebu Metropolitan Cathedral. Its intricately carved bas reliefs and floral motifs are a sight to behold. The Cathedral’s structure and whitewashed facade also looks especially majestic by night.”

Audrie Jedd Kuja Cortes
Commercial model/Aircraft engineering student
(Indiana Aerospace University)

“Fort San Pedro, which was a former Spanish military fort, is the most social media worthy photo I could think of because it isn’t only pleasing to the eyes for its beautiful structure made up of different materials like rocks, woods and the like, but it also exhibits a lot of things from the past which explains a lot about our present. It’s a splendid proof of our colorful past. It is also a reflection of the Spanish people’s important role in establishing the first organized settlement here and spreading the Roman Catholic belief during the 1500s. For me it is one of the most beautiful remembrances from our colonial past which should be preserved.”

Fort San Pedro

“The Fort San Pedro never lost its old world charm which is why it is still a preferred venue for many events and photoshoots. The historic triangular fort structure together with the lush greens plus the interesting artifacts, relics and photo exhibit makes it much more than just a typical tourist spot. Here, you can choose from many ‘instagrammable’ spots to take your next ‘blogger pose’ photo or epic group shots, which is why I think it is the most social media photo-worthy historical building in Cebu.”

Jaclyn Abregana
College instructor
(Department of Fine Arts, University of San Carlos)

Cebu Provincial Capitol

“The Cebu Provincial Capitol looks picture-perfect especially at night, when it lights up like a majestic place like no other.”

Tyke Sanchez
Actor/Social media influencer

Basilica Minore del Santo Niño de Cebu

“Hands down, it would be the Basílica Minore del Santo Niño de Cebu. Aside from its historical significance, it also embodies the unbreakable faith of Cebuanos. Don’t miss the Sinulog novena masses when, among other reasons, you would want to capture a picture-perfect Instagram shot of the church building.”

Peter Romanillos
Trade marketing associate

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