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What’s in Your Bag?

An inside look at hand-carried millennial essentials

By Elisha Judy Tabaque


AS ONE clamors to survive the daily grind, we fill up our bags with essentials that help us with everyday tasks. It’s imperative that one has these things — that or it could be one sucky day.

Just one look from the owners of these bags, you can immediately tell a lot about a person: how organized they are, how prepared they are for certain emergencies, or how simple they want to live their lives. SunStar Weekend readers share their everyday tools to get through life.

Julia Garcia, 20
USC Varsity Player, 4th year
Political Science Student

“My gym bag contains my training clothes, athletic wrap and tapes, injury preventing supports, my volleyball shoes, two pairs of socks, change-into-clothes for after training, water container, some chocolates, my hygiene kit and my electronics. All of those plus laptop, highlighter-equipped pen case and notebooks.”

Gerald Louis Rabaya, 23
Government Employee

“The essentials that I usually put inside my bag are my mobile phones, wallet, earphones, my traveling Sto. Niño, wet wipes in case of emergency/ies (haha), house and car keys, plus medicines and a pen (which are not in the photo). All other essentials change over the years, except that little buddy at the middle of my earphones and wet wipes. That little buddy has always been my everyday companion and my travel buddy since college. For me, bags and all stuff inside it are more than just things; they are our everyday companions, they are part of our day-to-day stories, they know our plans and aspirations, and they keep our deepest secrets.”

Donna Mae Ocmeja, 22
Communication Officer in a Nonprofit Nongovernmental Organization (NGO)

“I am one of those people who have the lightest bag; I only have seven main things in my everyday bag. First is my wallet, which was a graduation gift from my sister. In this wallet are my ID’s, ATM’s, calling cards, a few cash, and some old receipts or notes I keep as souvenirs of special events. Second is a book. I always have to have a book to read wherever I go to savor my free time. I’m currently reading Gulliver’s Travels by Jonathan Swift. The book unfortunately got wet thus its covers look awful now; yet again, don’t judge a book by its cover. Third is a pen. I try to always have a pen with me in case of fans asking for my autograph sign in unexpected places. Just kidding – it is for emergency writing purposes, of course. Fourth is a comb for my very long hair, fifth is my old and dying cellphone, which I mainly use for work and for my family, and sixth are my keys. Seventh and lastly are my reusable straws and their cleaning brushes. Having these straws with me all the time is one of my humble ways of contributing to Mother Earth’s wellness. Let’s all #SayNoToSingleUsePlastics. My bag may seem dull to others but I am contented of what I carry every day. My everyday mantra is to live fully and I don’t think I need a full bag to do so.”

Lovely Kish Sayon, 21
Sales Consultant

“I am fond of tote bags so that it wouldn’t be too small or too big to carry. My everyday bag would always be a bag that consists of bags as how my friends describe it. I guess many girls could relate, but I personally want my bag to be organized, so I could get what I need easier and faster. I make sure to bring almost everything so that I will have what I need anytime, but I leave those unnecessary things that I think are not constantly usable and I make sure everything I bring is in small variant so it wouldn’t be heavy to carry. For me the must bring would be: alcohol, wet ones, and tissue for clumsy moments. Medicine kit for emergency use. Make up/kikay kit and perfume for confidence booster. Inhaler in case you don’t like the smell of someone or a place. Earphones because I listen to music when I’m idle. And of course the wallet and phone which are vital for survival. If I have these, I’m confident and ready to go.”

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