Moving Out Checklist

By Christian Jay B. Quilo
Photo: Associated Press


MOVING out of your parents’ house is a rite of passage — a step into adulthood, as some may say. It’s a daunting move to make but sometimes a necessary and inevitable one. If you’re about to take on this challenge, here are some essentials to make this process as smooth as possible.

Storage boxes. You’ll need these to store the things you’ll be taking with you to your new home. And you don’t want your stuff cluttered everywhere while you’re still settling in.

Vacuum cleaner. There’s nothing wrong with the good old broom & dustpan combo but let’s face it — a vacuum makes cleaning so much easier. It’s pricier for sure, but think of it as a long-term investment.

Cleaning supplies. Gloves, rags, floor polish, glass cleaner and everything else you’ll need to make your new digs spotless.

Photos.Don’t forget to take mementos with you, pieces that will remind you of home. Photos of your family and friends will make the transition less lonely especially if you’ll be living alone.

Bed. Unless you prefer sleeping on the cold hard floor.

Desk. We all need a conducive place to study or to get some work done. While you’re still laying things out, a sturdy desk and a comfy chair will do.

Trash bin. I hope you didn’t even consider leaving your trash lying around or dumped somewhere in your new place. And please segregate.

Toiletries. Make sure to stock your holy grail of toiletries like your favorite shampoo or trusted facial wash. Just because you’re in the process of moving, that doesn’t mean your skincare has to be compromised.

Dining set. It doesn’t have to be grand and fancy. Just a decent table with chairs where you can sit down and enjoy a home-cooked (or take-out) meal.

Kitchen tools. For those with skills in the kitchen, not having the tools is the most frustrating. Make sure to have the basics such as pots, pans, utensils and dinnerware so you can whip up your favorites with ease.

Clothes rack. If don’t have the luxury of a full wardrobe, a clothes rack is a great alternative. At least it’ll be easy to browse through your clothes. Less chances of forgotten tees or a missing pair of jeans.

Towels. Or you can just stand in a corner and wait for yourself to dry.

Laundry basket. Sorry, there’s no one to clean up after your dirty laundry this time.

Mirror. A full-body one for your OOTD and a smaller one for your make-up or skincare. Imagine if you left the house thinking you looked cute and slayin’ but actually, you looked like a hot mess.

Lamp. If lighting is still being worked out, a lamp is a life saver.

Extension cords. Don’t be surprised if your new place only has two or three power outlets. This is where extension cords come in to save the day.

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