Chill without compromise - Weekend

Chill without compromise

By Justinne Lou Go, RND


THE weather seems to get hotter and hotter each day. And in this scorching heat, all our minds could think about is grabbing something to cool us down every hour or so. Ice cream, perfectly chilled sodas, milkshakes, smoothies, frappes are selling hot like pancakes this season. With all the tempting cool treats, it’s still possible to chill without compromising on our healthy diet and fitness goals.

Here are some of my recommendations for cool healthy treats to do the job without raking up the unnecessary calories and harmful sugar:

Fruit Pops: P35

Ice cream is probably the most tempting treat for such conditions as this intense weather, but there are still healthier alternatives that are just as refreshing and satisfying. I love these all-natural fruit popsicles from Thirsty because it’s made from real fruit pulp and is also dairy-free! So, it’s perfect for those who have issues with dairy. And best of all, it’s much more affordable than premium ice cream. Thirty’s Fruit Pops come in nine tropical flavors: mango, buko, buko lychee, guyabano, strawberry, melon, mango, pineapple, ube, and avocado. My favorites are strawberry and avocado!

Fresh Coco Water: P45

I have a personal bias for this all-natural juice because I think it’s the most refreshing drink one could have on any hot day, whether it’s served cold or at ambient temperature. Nothing compares to island freshness. Of course, I prefer the pure coconut water and not the ones sold in carenderias or by the road that already have milk and sugar mixed into it. Besides being naturally refreshing especially when it is served chilled, it contains the same punch of electrolytes we try to get from sports drinks; hence, your natural coco water is also called “nature’s Gatorade.” Why pick up a bottle with artificially added electrolytes when you can have it fresh from the shell? We Filipinos are so blessed to have an abundance of this tree of life that it is easily accessible and affordable for us.

Smoothie Bowls: P170 – P200

These are becoming ubiquitous as more healthy café’s are opening around the metro. Although they are quite pricey, they usually come in quite large portions so you can share a bowl with a friend unless you’re that dehydrated. It’s really just a fancy way to have a smoothie but what’s cool about it is the various healthful toppings you will find such as chia seeds, cacao nibs (a great alternative to chocolate), flax seeds, pumpkin seeds, granola and the best part, fresh fruit slices. That, and a pretty ambience to match. And with the price range at par with famous coffee frappes, these are definitely the better choice.

Fresh Fruit Salad with Yogurt: P85 – P105

I am the type of person who could be perfectly happy with a bowl of chilled fresh fruits, so this cool treat is one of my favorites. I could definitely choose this over a slice of chocolate cake anytime. You get to enjoy guiltless goodness from a variety of textures and flavors from the different fruits all mixed up to a party, topped with a generous dollop of gut-healthy yogurt!

Choosing healthy treats to chill is all a matter of conscious choice-making. Don’t let the heat beat you; beat the heat with these healthful choices and win at life.

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