Healthy ‘junk food,’ anyone?

By Patricia May P. Catan
Illustrations: Enrico P. Santisas


WHO says those choosing to follow the healthier path can’t enjoy junk food? For health-conscious buffs, fret not because there is such thing as a healthy “junk food,” which definitely tastes better and healthier. Here, we list down junk food alternatives that will satisfy your every guilty pleasure minus the guilty.

Raw bars

Let’s all be honest, we all get hungry in between breakfast, lunch and dinner and we can’t help but grab some snacks which sometimes turns into a whole full meal. But if you’re starting to lead a healthy lifestyle, raw bars are actually a great alternative to your snack cravings in between those meals. These bars are the perfect healthy snack filled with oats, chia seeds, walnuts, dates, sunflower seeds, coconut flakes, and coconut oil.

Vegetable chips

Who doesn’t like potato chips, right? I, for one is a fan of potatoes, but too much of these chips can be unhealthy, especially since they put a lot of salt in it. For potato chips fans or anything chips in general, you can enjoy the same snack but now a whole lot healthier in vegetable chips. I know how vegetable sounds, but these chips are actually really good and you can happily indulge without feeling guilty.

Dried fruits

An awesome junk food alternative for when you can’t control your sweet tooth are dried fruits. Even if you’ve grown into an adult now, it’s undeniable that you still dream of candies. Am I right? Instead of ruining all of your teeth in ultra-sweet candies, why not munch on some mixed dried fruits like cranberries, blueberries or plum?

Greek Yogurt

Did someone scream ice cream? A guilty pleasure we enjoy whenever we’re happy or sad is definitely ice cream. Ice cream is so hard to resist for its super creamy texture and taste, but as they say, too much of something is a bad thing, so let’s skip the agony of not being able to binge eat on ice cream and get yourself acquainted with Greek yogurt. It’s much healthier with less sugar and is positively nutrient-packed.

Dark chocolate

Ah, chocolates. If there’s one thing we all can’t live without in the world of sweets, chocolates are it. However, you can actually get rid of the sweeter ones in your fridge and replace them with dark chocolate. The bitter taste might need some time to adapt to but once your taste buds are already familiar, dark chocolates will be a must in your sweets stash.

Banana pancake

Pancakes has to be the ultimate American breakfast. If not for breakfast, it’s also best enjoyed any time of the day finished off with a generous amount of maple syrup on top. These fluffy pancakes already sound so sinful and to take some ease away, there’s an even better pancake in town and these are banana pancakes. Since bananas are natural sweeteners, you don’t have to drizzle some maple syrup. Plus, they are much healthier compared to regular pancakes and you can even add in some oats.

Baked potato fries

What’s better than fried potato fries? Baked potato fries, since they won’t be drenched in unhealthy oil. Baking is a much better method because you only have to drizzle a little amount of oil. Olive oil is also a recommended alternative compared to regular oil. Also, you can add a pinch of salt and pepper to give it a bit of flavor but don’t put too much because what’s the point of it being healthier, right?

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