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Oppo releass ‘best value’ A.I. smartphone

THINKING about getting a powerful smartphone for just under P10,000? Check out the Oppo A83 as it aims to “disrupt” the entry mid-range smartphone category. According to a press statement from Oppo Philippines, here’s what the A83 has to offer in a nutshell:

Perfect for Multi-tasking

Featuring a 5.7” HD+ Full Screen display, OPPO A83 brings out a new immersive visual experience and powerful 2.5GHz octa-core processor performance. Accompanied with a 3GB RAM, the A83 is the perfect smartphone for multi-tasking. The A83 fits at the palm of your hand at a 5.2” smartphone footprint, making it easy to carry around at just 143 grams.

Dependable Battery Life

The A83 can go up to 13.5 hours of normal usage based on industry battery benchmark tests. Despite a smaller size of 5.7”, the A83 still carries above average 3180mAh of battery for an all-day smartphone experience. Additionally, charging isn’t a problem because of its 2A charging compatibility which makes charging much faster.

Natural-looking selfies

Living up to its Selfie Expert handle, the A83 carries A.I. Beauty Technology with an 8MP front camera that can detect more than 200 facial recognition spots for a more personalized beautification based on your facial traits. This results to natural-looking selfies without the hassle of adjusting camera settings. It even features an auto mode for A.I. recommended beautification.

Facial Unlock for All

At a portable size, the A83 fronts the Speedy Facial Unlock for snappier access to your phone. Unlock your phone the easiest and fastest way possible, using your face for security.

More Immersive Gaming

Carrying a 2.5GHz Octa-Core Processor just like the F5, the A83 can carry the latest games in the market with fluid experience such as the Arena of Valor and more. Gaming will now be more immersive because of its 18:9 ratio full screen that delivers more visuals as compared to older smartphones. (AP)

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