5 Ways to Achieve Your Travel Goals this Year - Weekend

5 Ways to Achieve Your Travel Goals this Year

By Patricia May P. Catan
Image: N.S. Villaflor


WE’RE nearing the end of the first month of 2018, and don’t you think it’s time to finally start working on your travel plans this year? We’re only given 12 months each year, so we must make every month count. And the best way for you to make each month worthwhile is to go on endless adventures.

Eyeing a dream destination? Don’t just sit there, take the opportunity and make this as an excuse to widen your horizons. Traveling is now a necessity and don’t worry about it being a luxury because until you witness how traveling can transform you as a person, then you won’t know its importance. If you want to see your #travelgoals realized, take these five simple tips as a way to start your exciting journey.

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It’s not official until it’s written on paper.

Remember last year when all you could think about were the countries you wish to visit soon? Well, it’s already 2018 and you better slowly tick a country off that bucket list. Dreaming about these places is always easy but planning to actually see these destinations needs a bit of action. So bring out pen and paper and start planning your dream getaway right this instant. We all know you have a vision painted in your head, so why not make that dream into reality? There’s no harm in laying out your travel plans on paper because it serves as a guide for where you might want to go. Plus, excitement is a great way to pump up your mood, which hopefully would lead to something truly positive and substantial. So, here’s to making that dream come true!

Make those dreams a motivation to save.

Now that you’ve written and planned the places you have been dying to visit, the harder step comes next. In order for you to travel, you must have enough money that will help you get to where you want to be. I know this might sound really hard especially for some who just can’t rid of temptations surrounding them every day, but if you really set yourself to a certain goal, then saving money becomes more doable. One might say that “money isn’t the answer to everything,” but let’s get real: traveling isn’t for free and if you honestly want to see the world, having cash plus a dose of hard work and perseverance is a must. We suggest you start saving, make wiser choices this year, and be financially fit to travel when the time comes.

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Look out for travel shows near you for awesome deals.

Looking for great travel packages and promo fares? If you’re lucky enough to catch one, travel shows are usually a haven for those itching a getaway at awesome airfare and tour packages. It also saves you the hassle because at a travel show, there’s so much choices you can go crazy about, just make sure you’re financially ready. And bringing you the first ever travel show this year is Cebu Travel Catalogue International (CTCI), a three-day travel show that boasts of special travel deals, airfare promos and other tour packages. Organized by the Cebu Tours and Travel Association (CTTA) with the Cebu Alliance of Tour Operation Specialists (CATOS), the CTCI has more than 60 exhibitors that will make your local and international trips possible this year. Make sure to check them out on their last show today at Ayala Center Cebu.

Process your passport if you haven’t gotten one yet.

Yes, we are completely aware of that. Applying for a passport is indeed quite a hassle and you might think it will only consume your precious time, but let us tell you this: once you get your passport, the opportunities and adventures are endless. Travel around the Philippines will remain essential, but visiting other countries will further broaden your perspectives, and you’ll need a “gate pass” to see the world. Just imagine all the beautiful places you’ll be able to visit once you finally get a passport! If that’s not motivation for you then I don’t know what is.

Be one step ahead and make sure you have all travel essentials.

Now you might be getting giddy thinking about your first trip this year, but before anything else, make sure you have all travel essentials set. We’re talking about your main luggage, which you should invest good money in, a toiletry bag, a carry-on bag where you can keep all your personal stuff while flying, a travel organizer to hold important documents, and of course, safety travel essentials such as a money belt, neck wallet, travel lock for extra security. With these ready, you’ll be off to your first destination in a breeze.

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