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Last-minute Holiday Outfit Ideas

By Patricia May P. Catan
Image: Associated Press


AH, Christmas. That season when you’re bombarded with parties from left to right, stretching all the way until New Year’s Day. Aside from the rush of last-minute Christmas shopping for family and friends, we’re often faced with the dilemma of a wardrobe crisis. And don’t we just hate it when we’re in this kind of situation? Don’t also forget the clothes you’ll have to pack for your Christmas away from home. Now that’s double the dilemma. While you’re so preoccupied with Christmas shopping and all, SunStar Weekend lists down a few holiday outfit ideas that will save you from such misery.

Image: Associated Press

Make it sparkle, make it shine

Christmas is such a festive season and it’s only appropriate to wear something as festive too. Dressing up for the holidays doesn’t mean you only get to wear fluffy sweaters in colors red and green. Fashion has evolved through the years and the one thing that’s gaining a lot of praise are glitters and sequins. Nothing is more festive than rocking a shining, shimmering pair or dress to complete that festive look you’re going for. Wearing such will look perfect in photos, too, so don’t be too shy to post your #OOTN.

Trade ugly sweaters for chic coats

Ugly sweaters had a taste of the limelight already and it’s time to let those chic coats out. Christmas season is actually the perfect excuse for you to wear coats despite the Philippine weather. Other than the fact that it makes you look extra cute, donning a coat over a top will give off “out of the country” Christmas vibes. Now, the kind of Christmas you’ve been dreaming of since a child can finally be realized by just throwing in this high fashion piece. We’re sure you’ll be posting more than two photos of your holiday outfit because, hello, the world just needs to see it.

Slip into those silky pajamas

Silky pajamas are the epitome of comfort and style. Who doesn’t find pajamas comfy, right? And what’s even better is that they come in silk material, too, which makes it a fashion piece loved by many. You don’t have to worry about attending a party with only your jammies on because aside from its comfortability, these are versatile too. You can style them in however you want depending on your mood. Now that’s what we call a day to night holiday outfit worth every penny.

The classics will never go out of style

Denim goes well with anything while the color black does, too. The two of these together, say a denim jacket over a little black dress are what makes the classic pieces look effortlessly timeless. Its colors may not be as bright for the holidays, but you can never go wrong with this classic duo. If you’re really worried about this outfit being too on the the dark side, you can finish off the look with eye-popping make up.

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