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The catharsis of commemoration

By Alexis Yap


IT’S that time of the year again, when Havaianas presents its coveted commemorative pair of flip flops for their annual Make Your Own Havaianas that has now become a tradition looked forward to by die-hard fans like myself.

I think it’s safe to say that I own almost a decade‘s worth of commemorative pairs that each tell a unique story about the brand and, at the same time, carry with them fond memories of my travels with each of them.

Fred, who assisted me in assembling my creation. Thanks, Fred!

Although I’ve originally planned to go earlier that day, life happened, and so I ended going barely before closing time. Well, just my luck as they ran out the commemorative pair in my size. This year’s design has a very androgynous, island feel to it that I absolutely love. At first, I felt bad I broke my streak this year but on second thought, remembering the true meaning of the word commemorative uplifted my mood and gave me an idea.

Commemorative. To Commemorate… To remember by… A souvenir that would serve as a representative of a special event…

This year’s choices include a commemorative strap alongside the commemorative sole.

I then decided to make my own commemorative pair of flip flops. This is the essence of the annual event after all, isn’t it? To actually make your own pair? And so I did, putting together something that would remind me of this year’s MYOH — the year that would go down in my personal history book as the year I really created my very own commemorative pair, still inspired by this year’s theme while being a product of self expression.

I’m actually quite pleased with what I’ve put together. It represents my current disposition at this particular time in my life. The plain black sole representing my strong, bold, yet subdued character… The green straps and the watermelon and the monstera (leaf) pins — a combination representing this year’s MYOH theme… And the pop of red from the watermelon against the generally dark background, being a perfect representation of my striking personality that is simply an accent to the bigger, more significant part of myself that only my truest friends and closest family have come to know…

All Flip Flops at Robinson’s Galleria Cebu is now open.

It was just perfect. And the best part is, the catharsis that came with the experience. It led me to look deeper, closer into my own self while really creating my own pair.

It’s always a fun process creating your own pair of Havainas because every year the experience is unique. That’s probably why it never gets old for the family, the millennial, or the die-hard fans.

My personal “Commemorative Pair”.

Make Your Own Havaianas is extended until today in some parts of the country. So, gather the troops, your better half, or the little ones. And! If you find my size (M 43-44) in the commemorative design, get me one! And throw in a neon green strap with the good-vibes and palm tree pins! Haha! For those who missed it (in any way) this year, a useful tip to the eager and die-hard collector: come at opening time.

Spreading good vibes around the mall. A Havaianas flip-flops flower.

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