Five Fun Christmas Party Themes - Weekend

Five Fun Christmas Party Themes

By Christian Jay B. Quilo


SOME themes for Christmas parties have become so repetitive and predictable that these gatherings have become no longer exciting and just… meh. How about we switch it up and do something out of the gift box this year? If you’re stuck in a rut on what theme to have for your holiday fête, this little list might help. Here are five fun themes you can do for your next Christmas party:

Black Christmas

It’s always red, green, white or blue. What about black? It’s classic, timeless and chic. Join the dark side this holiday season with a black motif — black outfits, black tablescape, black decor, the works! This one might be a bit challenging to pull off given the color options of most party supplies, but with a lot of creativity and craftiness — and a couple of hands to help—you can totally pull this off!

Ugly Christmas Sweater

Skip the glam and embrace the ugly with a Christmas sweater party! What’s usually considered tacky or dated can be a fun theme for a party, noh? Snowman, gingerbread man, reindeer, Santa Claus—ugly Christmas sweaters come in so many designs to choose from. You can even do a contest where the person with the ugliest Christmas sweater wins a prize! And who doesn’t like a warm and cozy sweater anyway, right?

A Nightmarish Christmas

Who says Christmas has to be all perky and sunny? Add a gothic kind of fantasy to your holiday party with a set-up inspired by The Nightmare Before Christmas. But don’t stop at skulls and skeletons—whip out your leftover decorations from October 31st, get creative and go all out by all means! Guests can come in their Halloween-meets-Christmas ensembles. Ditch the choral Christmas tunes and play some spooky and eerie music instead to complete the mood. Think Christmas with a Halloween hangover.

Christmas in The Tropics

Sand for snow, piña colada for eggnog and palms for pines—let’s make use of what our beautiful island has to offer! A Christmas party at the beach is a breath of fresh air (literally and figuratively) from the typical four-walled function room. The atmosphere’s more chill and relaxed. Cap the night with a bonding sesh around a bonfire. You can even take this time to exchange gifts or sing a few songs.

A Disney Kind of Christmas

It’s probably every fan’s dream to see Mickey Mouse, Belle, Maleficent and the rest of the Disney fam together, to celebrate the holidays, no less. Get all dolled up and dress up as your favorite character from the animated flicks you grew up loving and indulge in your Disney fandom. It’s like the ultimate Disney Christmas crossover movie that never happened — until now, that is.

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