Unconventional Christmas Decor - Weekend

Unconventional Christmas Decor

By Patricia May P. Catan


THERE are only a few weeks left until we welcome everyone’s favorite time of the year. Christmas has been such a well-loved holiday by children and adults alike because this season means that everyone gets to enjoy the company of family and friends paired with good food on the table, not to mention the countless gifts each will be receiving — depending on whether you’ve been naughty or nice this year, of course. But what enhances every Christmas celebration at home or anywhere else are the decorations we see around.

Christmas decorations matter most especially for us Filipinos. It’s a sign that Christmas is finally here, more so that here in the Philippines, we start Christmas as soon as the calendar hits the first of September. Just about that time, every home is filled with the colors and sounds of Christmas. Almost every holiday season, we put up the same Christmas tree and village. Maybe even tweak some a bit so that it won’t look exactly like last year. We put up the same classic Christmas decorations not wanting to break tradition, but what’s old can be turned into something innovative. All we have to do is use our creativity and see beyond what we are used to.

Dianne Espera’s Christmas decor are modern representations of the basic elements of Christmas.

Dianne Espera is no stranger to putting her creativity first above anything else when it comes to event styling because she has been doing it for the past five years. Although Espera took up Interior Design back in college, styling was always something she was really passionate about. She is more than happy as event stylist of Just Celebrations and accessories designer for Sepa Cebu and totally loving every minute of it because, according to her, it doesn’t feel like work at all. “I always make sure I love what I do and I style everything with passion,” Espera shared on what her strongest point is at event styling.

There’s no specific creative process for Espera as she lets her imagination run wild in order for her to make something that’s truly her style. But it all starts with doing activities she likes and from there, she follows her heart. “I sometimes get inspired with a material, concept or something I’ve seen or experienced before.” Styling is all but natural for her that she always makes something beautiful out of something that’s already there. Her recent collaboration with Quest Hotel & Conference Center is out of the ordinary with her own take on the usual Christmas decorations.

While everyone is doing the classic Christmas decors like poinsettias, Christmas balls and all other things, Espera came up with the idea of doing something unique and fresh instead. Luckily for her team, Quest agreed on letting her interpret the decors in a modern way that would actually compliment the hotel’s interiors. Specially handcrafted by local artisans, it took their team weeks to finish each piece.

Espera also shared that she wanted to create Christmas decors that use natural materials mixed with a little fancy touch, so she made use of wood as her base material. She mentioned that everything is just sourced here in Cebu. “If you’re creative, you don’t really have to look very far for nice materials,” Espera added. Everything was made cohesive from the decors they did at the entrance, lobby, Puso restaurant to the small details on each floor. “They are all modern representations of the basic elements of Christmas such as a tree, a Christmas ball and a gift box,” Espera explained.

They are indeed changing the way we style our Christmas decors with its modern, chic and unique feature. Who knows may be in a year or two from now, we are slowly learning to embrace these types of decors and we begin to arrange something similar at home bringing with it a brand-new feel during the holidays.

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