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Follow the trails

By Patricia May P. Catan


TRADE one’s dull workout place for the great outdoors where fitness enthusiasts can truly experience a one-of-a-kind exercise that’s both rewarding and refreshing. Providing a great venue for these health-conscious individuals and putting the fun element in working out, there’s now more reason for thrill seekers and nature lovers alike to drive up north to the highlands of Cansomoroy, Balamban, Cebu.

Foressa Mountain Town and its spanking 257-hectare land area is approximately a 90-minute ride away from Cebu City and one doesn’t have to worry about the long trip ahead because everything will be worth it once its marvelous mountains and awesome adventure park is in view. This newest attraction located inside Foressa Mountain Town is Foressa Trails, a development by AboitizLand that provides its vecinos and the public a lifetime of adventures—from hiking, biking to camping — everything is set to international standards for a worthwhile outdoor experience.

At Foressa Trails, you can hike, bike, camp, stargaze or sightsee. It will definitely be the best location for your outdoor experience, making nature your playground.

Foressa Trails is positioned as one’s very own playground with its three kinds of hike trails designed for all types of hikers. Depending on the level of expertise, Foressa Trails starts off with the Beginner’s Trail that spans 4.3 kilometers and takes 55 to 80 minutes at most to complete. If one is on the experienced side of hiking, the 6.5 kilometers Explorer Trail is one to beat. It is designed to be completed in 120 minutes at most. For hikers who would want to take on a bigger challenge, the Adventure Trail that’s 10.7 kilometers in length and estimated to take 135 to 195 minutes, would be most suitable.

The hike trails combined will have a total of 10.7 kilometers, a challenge in itself for every pleasure seekers. Another trail that will test one’s endurance are the bike trails that have a total length of 17 kilometers. Cycling enthusiasts can enjoy the ride in four different bike trails that cater to every bikers’ set of skills. The White Zone with a six-kilometer distance is fitting for beginners while the Green Zone’s more challenging route of eight kilometers is appropriate to slightly more experienced bikers. Taking around 150 minutes to complete, the Blue Zone is taking it up a notch with its 15-kilometer trail that will stimulate the strength of intermediate bikers. For advanced riders, the Black Diamond’s eight-kilometer trail is specifically designed for them.

The Bike Trails extend up to 17 km and is designed based on standards of the International Mountain Bicycling Association (IMBA). Also, the Hike Trails are designed to cater all types of hikers with varying level of expertise — starting from beginner trail to the more challenging adventure trail.

While its hike and bike trails are two of the features that Foressa Trails proudly boasts of, half of Foressa Mountain Town’s organic terrain that would remain untouched is also a facet the property pride themselves in. Its limitless, open spaces with over 800 species of trees and foliage make them the perfect natural trail stops such as falls, cascades, butterfly sanctuaries, natural pool, cave, fern trail, fish pond, echo valley, and the Foressa peak. A tentsile camp is available inside the park as well where tents are suspended, providing resting areas for hikers and bikers.

Along the Hike and Bike Trails, one can enjoy different trail stops that showcase the natural beauty of Foressa Mountain Town. This shows the casacdes — one of the natural attractions within Foressa Trails.

Foressa Trails is now open to the public with trails package inclusive of hiking, biking and camping priced at P500 per person while hike and bike trails for day use are at P150 per person. Entrance fee for viewing only is at P60 per person. The opening last Oct. 15 was an adventure-filled day featuring a trail run and motorbike event with Salomon and Motor Ace Philippines. Along with it, Foressa Pavilion also opened its doors to provide future vecinos a glimpse of Foressa living. From the pavilion, visitors and interested homeowners-to-be can have a tasteful preview of Foressa and some of its trails. Foressa Mountain Town is indeed redefining outdoor living with natural terrain, mountains, sloping hills, and rivers waiting to be explored and experienced with friends and family.

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