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Stop, look and salad!

By Patricia May P. Catan


MORE than just a trend, clean eating involves a transformation. That means an individual undergoes total change of well-being by giving importance to proper nutrition and diet. And this is what SaladStop!, a leading salad bar chain in Asia, is doing with their “Eat Wide Awake” movement.

This movement supports the global shift towards a healthier lifestyle, and SaladStop! proudly offers people not just quick and healthy but delicious meal options that will ignite an advocacy for a more health-conscious generation.

Hail Caesar. If you’re new to eating greens then the Hail Caesar is the right mixture for you. Its familiar taste is something we have grown accustomed to. The Classic Caesar is its dressing with a green base of romaine and toppped with shaved parmesan, grated eggs, croutons, and bacon bits.
Tuna San. This is easily a favorite once you’ve had a taste of this Japanese-inspired salad. Just imagine the peppery seared tuna combined with avocado, edamame, cherry tomatoes, mandarin orange, and sesame seeds finished with the light Wasabi Honey Soy dressing.

Bringing SaladStop! to the island of Cebu is Specialty Food Retailers, Inc. (SFRI), the exclusive franchise holder of the renowned salad bar chain. Since the recent opening of their 10th store nationwide in Cebu and the first outside Manila last July, SaladStop! has meaningfully gained the trust of Cebuanos who are in this movement with them.

Jumpstarting a lifestyle change at SaladStop! is an easy-peasy task with a wide selection of toppings and dressings. The salad bar let’s one choose from over 60 fresh toppings and 18 homemade dressings. This way, one can also mix and match his salad according to preference, making eating greens a whole lot more fun and tasteful too. Diners can also try their 10 specially crafted signature salads and wraps that are perfect for one’s discerning palate. As one kickstarts his clean eating journey, SunStar Weekend gives the low downs on how to create one’s own salad at SaladStop!

Inhale Ex-Kale. This is one of their signature salads that you have to give a try. Its interestingly blended Carrot Ginger dressing goes perfectly with its kale, Cajun shrimp, feta cheese, grated eggs, cherry tomatoes, green apples, grapes, and sunflower seeds toppings.
Oh Crab Lah! This Singaporean-inspired salad is one of the many favorites that Cebuanos come back too. Its spicy, but just the enough kick that adjusts to every Filipino taste bud. The Oh Crab Lah!’s base is romaine. Toppings include crab sticks, grated eggs, vermicelli, cherry tomatoes, red oinions, croutons, and of course, finished off with the Singapore Chili Crab dressing.

1. Choose your base

Customers start by choosing the base for one’s salad. Diners are given the choice of a salad or wrap. For the standard greens, the salad bar let’s one choose from romaine or red and white cabbage. The premium greens, on the other hand, one can choose between baby spinach or rocket.

2. Pick your toppings

On the next step, diners pick ingredients to go with one’s greens. There are over 60 fresh toppings but for a salad base, one gets eight free toppings, while for the wrap base, one can include six free toppings. Basic ingredients include carrots, cherry tomatoes, croutons, cucumber, edamame, gapes, mandarin orange, olives, and red onions, to mention a few.

3. Choose a homemade dressing

Now it all boils down to the dressing: sweet or savory? That’s the dilemma. But one doesn’t have to worry because from their 18 homemade dressings, there must be a single dressing that piques one’s taste buds. If you’re feeling the western-inspired dressings, there’s the Classic Caesar, Carrot Ginger and Ranch. On the Asian side, they have the Singapore Chili Crab, Japanese Miso and Wasabi Honey Soy. All of their dressings are gluten free and made in-house.

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