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On being a responsible tourist in Siargao

By Patricia May P. Catan
Photo: N.S. Villaflor


SIARGAO is without a doubt a must-visit island in the Philippines and it has easily become the hottest destination for the summer with a lot of thrill-seeking activities to try and places to explore right within the island. With local and foreign tourists flocking to the island this summer, things can get a little crazy and out of hand which is why you must do your part in being a responsible traveler. To help you get a head start, here are five ways on how to be a responsible tourist when in Siargao:

First things first, educate yourself about Siargao.

We all can’t help but feel ecstatic as we plan for our Siargao getaway this summer. Imagine all the natural wonders you’ll be exploring in the island while surrounded by only the sand, sea and sun. But as you plan out your Siargao itinerary, don’t forget to educate yourself about Siargao too. Every island is different and it pays to at least have an idea of what their culture is and their local rules and values. Also, remember that you’re in a rural area, which like most remote places in the country, has limited facilities and infrastructure. So do your research.

Respect the locals.

Aside from Siargao being today’s popular tourist destination, the island is also considered home where locals make their everyday living or where locals simply live their daily lives. Away from the hustle and bustle of city life, Siargao life is evidently quite different especially for a tourist who’s used to urban living. With that being said, locals have their own way around the island and as a tourist visiting their home, you must show respect and never discriminate.

Support local, go local.

The beauty of seeing another place is that you get to immerse yourself in how they normally do things there. Think like a local when visiting Siargao and get yourself acquainted with the island itself by using public transport or simply stroll around when it’s convenient. In this way, you can interact with the local people more and marvel at the natural beauty of Siargao. You can also choose to support locally owned businesses that can be both beneficial for you and the locals there.

Take care of the environment.

An island like Siargao is still standing up to this very day because of the locals’ efforts to preserve their home. Do your part as a tourist by leaving footprints alone and be mindful of your waste. Never throw trash over the shore and ocean to avoid disrupting its ecosystem. You can also do your own little way of helping maintain the island’s natural wonders by just remembering to clean as you go.

Educate future tourists as well.

Now that you’ve witnessed Siargao firsthand, you can actually help locals spread awareness within the comforts of your home. Every tourist who have been to Siargao can’t wait to return soon and to make sure the island is still as beautiful as you remember it to be, help educate future tourists online. Social media is a powerful tool these days and it’s a great platform to share your thoughts about Siargao and how everyone should help preserve it.

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