The Science Circus has come to town - Weekend

The Science Circus has come to town

Images: N.S. Villaflor


WHAT’S the best way to get kids really interested in science? Make it a whole lot of fun. And that’s what The Mind Museum just did as it brought all the way to Cebu its fifth traveling exhibit, The Science Circus: Step Right Up!

The Science Circus, which showcases “the amusing, the peculiar and the extraordinary in everyday experiences,” welcomes you to three interactive areas, or three Rings, teeming with various activities that challenge both the mind and senses.

Welcome to Science Circus!

Ring One, or Deception Perception, is a tricky place for an assortment of sensory calisthenics. Ring Two, which displays Pieces of Incredible Engineering, is perfect for brain acrobatics with all its puzzles. At Ring Three, you’ll sure to go through an unforgettable mind-boggling experience of illusions with Encounters with the Masters.

Use your illusion: off with his head!
One big kaleidoscope.
Some kind of machine.

The Science Circus opened last August 25 yet at The Gallery of Ayala Center Cebu, but kids and the kid in you can still enjoy the spectacle until tomorrow, Sept. 11.

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