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Nowhere to go but app

Startup apps and websites that make life easier in Cebu

By Patricia May P. Catan and Deneb R. Batucan


EVERY day, countless individuals in the technology industry are trying to find fast and reliable solutions to all kinds of problems, be it be a faster way to get food delivered right at your doorstop or a safer transportation option. People who have a revolutionary way of thinking use their noggin to make better options that make life easier for the ordinary Filipino.

Eddie Ybañez, founder of Cebu-based cab-hailing app Micab

Tech startups have been getting recognition as their apps and websites have significantly helped a lot of people. Their radical ideas have come into fruition, and from the seedling of an idea, it has now, in reality, helped many people in all walks of life.

SunStar Weekend shines light into three Filipino-made tech startups — two of which are the brainchild of Cebu-based visionaries — that have made an impact in the daily lives of Cebuanos, if not disrupt the status quo in a most positive way.

This health information system is a project of the University of the Philippines-Department of Science and Technology (DOST) Technology Business Incubator. The name was derived from the Cebuano word “mananambal,” which means “healer.”

At, patients and medical professionals would be connected in a convenient way. From the patient to the medical professional to the pharmacy to the medical laboratory, all the health information needed is just at the click of a button.

Members of would be able to record your current health condition where the website would lead to your medical history and you get to share it with the doctor of your choice. It also has the database where you can find the right specialist you would need and make appointments at the website itself. Patients would also be able to enjoy a hassle-free electronic prescription and laboratory results.

Janessa Velez, one of its founders, believes that having a unified healthcare system and access to the right health information can result to a higher quality of healthcare for all. That is why she and her team decided to make this healthcare start-up—to connect patients from all classes to the right medical care that they would need.

The mobile version of the website and app are still in development, but people can now register for free and build your own medical profile as well as look for the right kind of specialists for your needs.


Since it was launched in Cebu last July, Angkas has already gained a following, especially with those who need to rush safely through the debilitating traffic in Cebu.

Angkas started in Metro Manila and provides a better option for commuters who need a fast solution for their traffic woes. Although the creators cannot magically solve the traffic situation in the country, they do believe that motor taxis (or habal-habal) give commuters a versatile and flexible way to beat the rush hour that most four-wheeled vehicles can’t.

And since half the vehicle sales in the Philippines go to motorbikes, it was a no-brainer that motorcycles would become a transportation service for many people. Even before Angkas was made, motorcycles have always been the top mode of transportation in far-flung mountain barangays.

So how does the mobile app work? Angkas is similar to Grab and Uber where it quickly matches the app user to its nearby bikers. The only difference is, you will be riding a motorcycle that could very well manage through the seemingly infinite gridlocks in the city. Simply download the app (Google Play or App Store), book a ride at a fixed rate, and wait for the biker to arrive in minutes.

Angkas worked hand in hand with the Cebu City Government before it was officially launched, during which they trained habal-habal drivers in the city by providing them with the necessary tools and skills to be safe and courteous bikers.

Another great thing about Angkas is that passengers get a face mask, hair cap and helmet (and a raincoat if it’s raining) at each ride as well as a personal accident insurance.


In Cebu, you can download Micab on Google Play or the App Store, then book a taxi ride with exclusive Micab partners.

The brainchild of Eddie Ybañez, Micab originated from a simple realization that blossomed into an interesting idea, which was later brought to life in November 2012 with the aid of Kenneth Baylosis.

From its humble beginnings and continued demand for an easier and convenient way of hailing a taxi, Micab has now provided reliable services for passengers and in turn gave opportunities to reputable taxi fleet companies and taxi drivers.

In a way, Micab has changed the character of these companies and drivers as it enables them to reach the passengers efficiently and effectively while giving taxi riders the quality ride they deserve.

“There’s a need for accountability, safety and discipline in the current public transport ecosystem aside from convenience. Micab is providing a working system that lets passengers and drivers rate themselves based on their performance as well as a way to track and report any negative incidents and experiences,” Ybañez shared. “We separate good taxi drivers from the bad ones and connect them to good customers through our hailing algorithm, resulting in positive taxi ride experience.”

Changing the majority’s views and opinions when speaking about values of the taxi industry and community, Micab ensures the commuters a safer and cleaner ride through an exclusive partnership with Ken Taxi and Light of Glory Taxi companies.

The mentioned companies guarantee to maintain their brand and premium service that they champion as Micab caters to their loyal and increasing passengers.

Timing wise and also for being still a startup cab booking app, Micab didn’t receive all positive feedback from their market especially in Metro Manila. However, people are still messaging the company, saying that they are looking forward to its release, which is in the next two months.

“Customers need options and this is where we come in by providing an affordable alternative, but with the same ride quality that the existing Transport Network Companies (TNCs) offer,” Ybañez said.

With the promise of giving every passenger a safer and cleaner ride experience, Micab is focused on creating a strategic eco-system for taxi companies, drivers and passengers. Micab also puts emphasis on safety, reliability, affordability, and convenience making traveling easier a reality for millions of Filipinos.

Further rendering prime service for its loyal users, Micab will be incorporating fixed fare pricing based on the Land Transportation Franchising and Regulatory Board or LTFRB’s formula. They will also be enabling a reporting feature wherein riders can report any bad behaviors through the app.

Micab is indeed the newest mobile application for booking your next cab ride while significantly changing the way you travel and making transportation a peace of mind for everybody bringing people and their cities closer.

Experience the safest and most comfortable ride today by downloading Micab on Google Play or the App Store available in Cebu and Iloilo. Using the Micab app is a no hassle because all you have to do is enter your pick-up and destination point and tap “Get micab.”

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