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Burning tongues

Text: Deneb R. Batucan


WHO doesn’t like a little spice in life? Like it or not, spicy food will and always be a go-to for people who love a little adventure for their palates. SunStar Weekend got to talk to a bunch of culinary thrill seekers and asked them to tell the tale of their spiciest edible encounters. Some are a must try, while others are definitely not for the faint of stomach. Try it or not, one thing’s for sure — it’s gonna get hot in here.

Jehanne Frances Dy
26, Architect and Real Estate Agent

“I have very low tolerance when it comes to spicy food. For now, the spiciest thing I’ve ever tasted is Kung Pao Chicken from Mao Jia Hunan Cuisine in Crossroads. The meat was really tender and full of flavor and the spiciness lingers in your mouth. I highly recommend!”

Isaac Saguit
21, Graphic Designer

“My dad cooks Bicol express like how it’s meant to be — well-cooked gata and a LOT of chili. Never fails to satisfy the spicy cravings the inner Bikolano in me has every once in a while.”

Via Chan
23, DJ and Events Organizer

“Probably the spiciest food I’ve tasted was the Level 3 Jigoku Chasumen from Ramen Kamekichi. My brother first introduced it to me when they still had the branch in Panagdait and told me it wasn’t that spicy, but as soon as l sipped the broth, I kept coughing as the spiciness really hits you hard. You can actually choose from Level 1 to 3 of spiciness, and I assure you, it’s the good kind of spicy. A must try!”

Francis Tenefrancia
28, Senior Medical Copywriter

“I like being able to taste what I’m eating, so I steer clear from tongue-numbing, fiery hot food. Not counting the undissolved clumps of extra hot chili pancit canton seasoning, I think the spiciest food I’ve ever tasted would have to be the tempura in Silliman dipped in manong’s level 3 spicy sauce. I’ve only ever had this Dumaguete favorite once, but that was enough for it to have made an impression. Manong’s tempura stall within the grounds of Silliman University offers 5 different sauces identified according to their level of spiciness. Level 3 was more than enough for me, but if you’re a little more daring than I am, you should try level 5. I’ve been told it requires a certain level of tolerance (and copious amounts of water) for you to enjoy it.”

Kyle Miguel Wong
23, Product Development Manager and Guitarist/Vocals for Wonggoys

“Spiciest would be the Suicide Wings in Bad Boy Wingz. I usually order their mild wings or their Garlic Parmesan wings, but I just found it interesting how there are ‘suicide’ wings at the bottom. So I ordered it. First bite wasn’t so bad, but as it rests in your mouth after a few seconds you’ll start to feel the burn. The flavor’s undeniably good, but I tell you the burning sensation was so bad. That was literally hell inside my mouth. And eating it isn’t the worst part because whatever you take in must go out eventually. You know what I mean. So if you wanna experience hell in your mouth and some bottom parts of your body, which I’d rather not share, head over to Bad Boy Wingz at the Greenery.”

BJ Pangilinan
26, IT Specialist and Musician

“We experimented on mixing three flavors of pancit canton: chili kalamansi, sweet and extra hot chili. I couldn’t understand the flavors anymore. It was just really, really hot.”

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