Street Art Start-up Kit - Weekend

Street Art Start-up Kit

By Deneb R. Batucan and Patricia May P. Catan
Illustration: Bern Fabro


STREET art paints the city in various colors and interesting depths that only art can surmise. These murals give the city an interesting look — a break from the rigid lines and muted colors of buildings that surround us. While this medium could be tricky and with restrictions, it is without a doubt a beautiful aesthetic that comes with a technique that anyone can learn.

If you want to learn how to become a street artist, here are some materials you would need to make to turn a seemingly insignificant wall into a masterpiece.

A voice

Before going on to spray paint some walls, be an artist with a voice. Know what you want to say — or not to say— through your art. This is one of the things that make street art even more interesting. It can make one think and even feel. Have a direction for your murals — even if that direction takes you to places only you can go.

Not the usual materials

The world of street art is constantly evolving, and some artists are veering away from the traditional spray cans and markers. With much innovation and imagination, other materials such as paper, decorative tiles, chisels to create graffiti carving and so on are used to create interesting and eye-catching art on the streets. There is constant trial and error when looking to use non-traditional materials for street art, but to achieve a perceived aesthetic — and to catch people’s attention — an artist would be nonetheless enthused by the process of making new art.

Stencil templates

It’s fast and easy to use, it’s as simple as that. Stencils are one of the most popular techniques used by urban artists worldwide. But the process of creating a stencil isn’t quite quick and simple as you think. A lot of components are to be considered such as the size and color to mention some. With that being said, the finished stencil will look perfect as ever when it’s ready to be showcased on the wall.

Paint markers

Wall art is all about details and helping every artist with that are paint markers. Creating crispier and more accurate lines in a mural, it helps to have a paint marker to emphasize little details. Paint markers come in different colors too so artists are given a variety of choices when starting mural art.

Protective wear

Apart from the tools and materials used to create the actual painting, wearing the proper attire when getting to work also matters. Spray paints emit harmful fumes so a mask is a must and it’s recommended to buy refill filters for the mask rather than those disposable masks.

Spray paint

Street art is presently evolving and it’s painting the city into a more vibrant place. Particularly bringing art to life are the various colors that make it appealing to the eye. Every street art start-up kit always has spray paints on the list. Although this costs more than the other materials, it’s one of the essentials for street art. Make sure to get the obvious colors when choosing a color — that includes white, black, red, blue, yellow, green, orange, pink, purple, and silver.

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