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What long weekends mean

By Patricia May P. Catan


THE month of August couldn’t get any better with two long weekends ahead. A long weekend or in our case, long weekends could only mean two things, and that’s a chance to unwind and recharge from all the stress brought by work or school.

But how each one spends two long weekends will vary from one person to another. Whether it calls for an adventure or an opportunity to catch some sleep, it’s your time to enjoy these days with no one bossing you around. Giving us an idea on how to spend the long weekends ahead, SunStar Weekend talks to five people on what they think are the best things to do for a long weekend.

Noelle Salvador, 21
Travel Agent Assistant

“In a very busy city like Cebu, I believe the best thing to do on long weekends are to escape and relax. I’d love a road trip going to the beach or mountains to have some peace and quiet. I want to keep calm and be stress-free even just for a few days.”

Lorenzo Ma. V. Moras, 21
First year Med student, Cebu Institute of Medicine

“Long weekends should be spent productively for medical students like me. It is the only time we are uninterrupted with our studying. No more parties, no more getaways. Just short coffee breaks, workout, and music streaming.”

Clarice Limchiu, 20
Soul Searcher

“For me, the best thing to do over a long weekend would be binge watching Korean dramas. Lately, I’ve been scheduling my life around KDramas because on weekdays, I work. When I have no work to do, especially on weekends, I devour episodes like a beast since I have to catch up on some shows. I wake up, eat, sleep and just breathe the episodes just like everyone else around the world who also got the KDrama fever.”

Rey Anthony Ruiz Arnejo, 22
Business Officer Assistant

“There’s a lot of things everyone can do on long weekends. One is going out for nature camps with family or friends since mother earth is such a stress reliever. Long weekends are best for a mountain hike or trekking, but if you opt to relax at home then throwing a backyard barbeque with friends is an awesome alternative. What’s a better idea than have them at your place while enjoying good conversation over barbeque and cold beer?”

Sofia Marquez Saldaña, 20
Ballet Teacher

“Here’s my suggestion since we are blessed with two long weekends. For the first long weekend, it would be nice to go out of town with family or friends. Take many photos and make more memories for 2017. For the second long weekend, you can choose to stay home and unwind. Have your me time and use that to your advantage to re-evaluate your achievements and your future choices. You can switch it up too, to have more time to plan for that out-of-town trip.”

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