A Place for the Public - Weekend

A Place for the Public

By Alexis Yap


YOU’D think a café would have more coffee and less food. But one such place thinks, “Why not have both?” — lots of real good coffee and delicious plates of food. At Café Público there’s always something for everyone.

Café Publico

This café brand from Manila has a unique coffee that would let you choose your beans, extraction method (standard brew or drip), and varieties of Americano that range from two to five shots of espresso to cater to every level of caffeine junkie.

They have homemade gelato with so many delicious flavors to choose from. And if, like me, you can only afford the calories of one scoop, they’ll let you pick up to three flavors to fit in their one-scoop serving. Their best selling flavor? Dark chocolate.

They are armed to the teeth for the hungry patron as well. For those looking for some light grub, I suggest the Sausage and Nachos. Their side of salsa is light and refreshing, just the way I like it. For your sweet tooth, try the Chinese Churros. These are deep-fried Chinese mantou bread given the churros treatment served with chocolate and sweetened milk dip on the side.

For the health conscious, there are salads to choose from. I picked the Chicken Salpicao Salad out of curiosity. For the hungry and carb-starved diner, there is a wide assortment of fries, pasta, rice plates, and Panini! Take your pick.

Try the Callos Y Salchicha Hungaro. Think callos with extra sausage. I know you’re already salivating.

Homemade Gelato
Chinese Churros
Sausage and Nachos

From teas to hot choco and milkshakes to affogatos, Café Público seeks to please. With interesting interiors that create a unique, artsy vibe, they are sure to inspire creativity and life to everyone that goes through their doors. You’ll see what I mean.

This cafe has a menu that is just like their space, quite out of the box. They have offerings that cater to almost every one of their diverse clientele. Quite apt that they call themselves Café Público…

Callos Y Salchicha Hungaro
Mango and Passion Fruit Snowball Iced Tea
Spicy Tuna Panini
Grilled Prawns Jambalaya

Café Público is located at Meerea High Street, Ouano Ave., North Reclamation Area in Cebu City.

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