Be a Superhost!

By Deneb R. Batucan


HOTELS and hostels aren’t the only options for travelers — today, we have AirBnb. This online marketplace and hospitality service allows regular property owners to lease out for short-term rentals their apartments, condo units, homestays and the like.

From luxury suites to budget bunks, there are a number of AirBnb properties to choose from with hosts that not only give you a nice place to recuperate but could also help you out during your stay.

If you somehow have a property that could be remodeled into a livable and rentable space, consider being an AirBnb host! It’s a lucrative business that stems from quality service and hospitality.

One local AirBnb host has recently been awarded the AirBnb Superhost award — Kara Mae Noveda earned five-star ratings from 80 percent of her reviews for her cozy and chic studio unit located in a quiet neighborhood in Cebu City. Kara, a lawyer, shares some tips on how to best prepare your real estate property for a spot at AirBnb.

Put yourself in the shoes of traveler

After experiencing a great host at a homestay in Japan, Kara was inspired to put up her condo unit for rent in AirBnb. She got to experience a three-bedroom apartment in Tokyo where they slept in tatami mats and mastered the subway with the help of their host. “Get acquainted with the community, or business model, if you will, and know what you’re getting into before making the dive,” Kara said.

Check other listings and make your property unique

Take a look at the competition around your area and see what the common listings are. Then decide on how to make your property stand out. “I decided to make my unit a little special by redesigning it into a loft,” Kara said. “My nanay and I pored over magazines and we accumulated conversation pieces that went together.” It’s one thing to make your property a livable and comfortable space for travelers. But up the ante with Instagram-worthy interiors to make it even more worth their while.

A promise is a promise

Be very clear about what your place can accommodate and what amenities are included. Although AirBnb does not have restrictive specifications for you to list your space, potential guests have their own standards. “Once they communicate their interest to book your place, you need to reassure them that your Wi-Fi connection is stable and the rest of the promised amenities are running,” Kara said.

Exceed expectations

A lot of Kara’s reviews tend to talk about her as a host — one even thanked her for small gifts she has given them. It’s important to note that people love and are drawn towards a warm and welcoming host. Hospitality and thoughtfulness can go a long way, especially in this kind of business.

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