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Weight and see when fitness goals become reality

Text: Patricia Catan of SunStar Weekend, with Martie de Castro, Kaye Santander & Joyce Villaflor
STC Mass Comm Interns

From fat to fit: weight-loss success stories to chew on


DISCIPLINE, determination, perseverance. These are the words behind every weight loss story. Keeping the body fit is a rigorous and effort-filled activity. It’s hard, yes, but the rewards are priceless.

Sunstar Weekend talked to three people with successful weight loss stories, and they eagerly share what motivated them to take such path and how they pulled off such a daunting feat.

Angela Cristy A. Alturas, 24
Occupational Therapist

Angela Cristy A. Alturas

“I was a stress eater back then and so after I took and passed the board exam, I gained a lot of weight from all the studying. Even after taking the boards, my unhealthy lifestyle continued until one day I realized I haven’t been taking good care of my body. That’s when I started trying boxing. Throughout the process, I realized how it was also important not only to exercise but to choose the right kinds of food to eat. It does take a lot of discipline, but once you’ll see yourself progress, it’s totally worth it!”

Rolando D. Cruz, 23
PNP Applicant

Rolando D. Cruz

“I was motivated to lose weight after passing the philippine national police entrance examination in order for me to be physically fit for training. I lose weight through daily routine of jogging for one hour every morning and work in the gym in the afternoon for three to four hours and of course eating healthy food. My advice for people who want to lose weight is be patient enough, endure the pain of work outs, no pain, no gain, and lastly, discipline is the best thing to practice to achieve our goals.”

Jet Luga, 25

Jet Luga

“It was a lot of intrinsic motivation that got me going. I chose to be my own motivation in getting fitter and healthier. I wanted to prove to myself that I could do it. I just started out by researching on the principles of weight loss, dieting, fat burn, etc. All the information is readily available. It’s all just a matter of taking the time to educate ourselves. My advice to weight loss aspirants would be to just humble yourself. Acknowledge that there is something that you need to do about your body and just work hard to achieve it. Keep your head down and just embrace the grind every single day. You will always come out better for it.”

Giorgio Visitacion, 21
Vice President of Communication Arts Learning Center/Musician

Giorgio Visitacion

“My life took a 360-degree transformation after I made a commitment to achieve a healthier body and mindset. It has been a year since I’ve lost a huge amount of fat and I’ve also been sober from drinking alcohol for a year. Everything changed after that wellness wake-up call and I can pretty much say that my life has become better and happier.

What motivated me to live healthy everyday was seeing the results of my hard work paying off. Motivation doesn’t really strike you like lightning, so in order for you to keep going, you just have to do it. I believed that I should do it because I hoped it would make a difference and it really did.

I have lost a total of 50 pounds from June 2016 to June 2017. I started this lifestyle a year ago and I slowly began to discover the reason to stay and stick with it and started reaping the benefits from one single decision that changed my life.

The secret to maintaining this kind of lifestyle is to love yourself. By loving yourself, you begin to achieve great things and the biggest benefactor for these achievements is none other than yourself. To improve yourself, you must love yourself. You must be able to gauge not only where you are now, but also where you want to go.”

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