New programs for fitness goals - Weekend

New programs for fitness goals

By Deneb R. Batucan of Sunstar Weekend


ONE of Cebu’s premier gyms, Citigym, has cooked up something new and interesting for everyone who’s looking to seek out their fitness goals. With its state-of-the-art equipment and highly skilled staff, Citigym has upped the ante into giving you topnotch services in providing proper fitness.

Met6 or Metabolic 6 is Citigym’s homegrown brand of high-intensity interval circuit training. What makes this fitness regimen different is that it can be tailor-made for each individual’s physical capabilities.

“Incorporated within the warm-up exercises is the checking of each individual’s physical capacity on the spot,” said Citigym’s clinical exercise trainer manager, Eugene Octaviano. “For example, your shoulders are a little to tense. That would be immediately seen during the warm-up and then and there we can modify your exercise so it will not compromise your shoulder’s tense muscles but still enjoy the benefits of the high-intensity interval training.”

Eugene, who is a licensed physical therapist, has a team of PTs who designed Met6 to have a warm-up that would screen the physical deficiency of each person, which would easily help them modify the exercises or stations during the circuit.

Met6 addresses six components of fitness embedded within one program: postural integrity, improved movement, strength, balance, coordination and speed. The workout would last from 30 to 45 minutes with 15 minutes for warm-up and cool down.

What’s great with Met6 is that it promotes faster weight loss given that all the components of the circuit training are met in each session.

“That’s the secret of HIIT. You perform at an intense level to stimulate adaptation, fat loss and fat burning. We only burn fat during rest periods not during the actual workout. It’s the carbohydrates that we burn during the workout, the fuel of the muscles. All the training partnered with proper eating—proper food choices and proportion—then you’re on your way to becoming slimmer faster,” Eugene said.

Located at the lower ground floor of Waterfront Cebu City Hotel and Casino, Citigym offers other new programs apart from Met6. Geared towards athletes and sports enthusiasts, the Sports Performance & Rehabilitation (SPR) involves corrective exercises, sports training and sports rehabilitation. Meanwhile, interim sports training prepares the body for intense workouts like marathons or triathlons or any other sport. For individuals with sports-related injuries, sports rehabilitation helps an individual prepare in actually going back to one’s sport as it “involves trainings in adjusting and correcting movements affected by the injuries.”

Met6 and the SPR programs are by appointment, either for groups or for one on one. All these services will be instructed by licensed physical therapists who will guide participants according to their physical capacity plus give them a safe and motivating environment for their fitness goals.

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