‘It’s time to knowtrition!’ - Weekend

‘It’s time to knowtrition!’

By Martie De Castro
STC Mass Comm Intern


A REGISTERED Nutritionist-Dietitian, Trixie Gayle O. Maraya, RND is passionate about indoor cycling, beaches, Diet Management and Nutrition Education. Her passion for such inspired the #knowtrition posts she does on facebook wherein she gives fun facts about all sorts of food.

Trixie Gayle O. Maraya
Trixie Gayle O. Maraya

When asked about what interests her the most about nutrition and dietetics, she says, technically speaking, it is the discipline that deals with the intake of food and its effects on the health of the human body.

“What’s really beautiful about nutrition is that it’s practical! You don’t need to really overthink and follow any fad diets to have good health. Dieting is all about Balance, Variety, and Moderation.”

What she loves about her profession is that she’s not just a Nutritionist, but a Nutritionist-Dietitian actually, which means apart from doing nutrition counseling for weight loss, she can also legally handle medical cases in terms of dietary care and management.

“Educating patients is quite challenging but it’s fun! It’s through this one that they discover the different serving sizes of different food exchanges and how many exchanges of the different food groups they are allowed to have.” Trixie aims to raise awareness about good health through proper diet and exercise. “It gives me joy to impart my knowledge and expertise.”

Inspired by a nutrition-related article posted by her colleague in facebook with the hashtag #knowtrition, she started posting #knowtrition posts as well. When she was about to eat cookies (that of a well-known brand) and as she went through its label (nutrition facts), she discovered that its serving size is only two pieces of cookies that yield 94 kilo calories. “Normally, we don’t really notice it, so we end up eating one whole pack. That pack had 15 cookies, which means that if we finish everything, we take in 658 kcal. Imagine if we all are not aware of this and continue such habits or 0ractice, our chances of having obesity and other heart-related diseases become high. Putting this in a different perspective, 658 kcal is approximately equivalent to 1 cup of rice + 3 pieces of grilled (small) chicken legs + 1/2 cup of pinakbet + 1 medium banana + 1 cup of low fat milk. Interesting and amazing, isn’t it?”

She believes that these posts of hers have become relevant more than ever.

“Definitely. A lot of people are health-conscious but do not know where or how to start. I believe my #knowtrition posts have inspired a lot of readers to make little changes in their diets. These little changes could really lead to big results when practiced constantly and when you are determined to really make a shift on your lifestyle.”

Trixie’s #knowtrition facts to boost your healthy lifestyle!


Who loves M&Ms here? This variety in particular, M&Ms pretzels, is so good! But did you know one serving of this one is (only) 17 pieces and will yield 180 kcal? Putting it on a different perspective, 180 kcal is equivalent to 1/2 cup of rice plus approximately one slice of steamed fish! And just if ever you decide to cut down one serving (let’s say you wan to eat fewer than 17 pieces of these M&Ms), four pieces would be equivalent to one medium banana or one small apple. Real food will make you feel full and nourish you with different nutrients, while sugary/processed food items will make you feel bloated and crave for more, making you to eat a lot. It’s always a great idea to know your options! Real food will always be a better choice

Nuts about nuts

We all hear nuts being a heart-healthy food, but it’s not just that! Nuts are packed with good fats, protein, and a wide range of minerals and are good sources of dietary fiber & antioxidants (Vitamin E, phytochemicals, selenium, manganese and copper). And that’s why we love them! This is why nuts are recommended in weight loss management. But how much really are we to eat to get the most out of nuts? A daily recommended serving is approximately 30g — that’s a handful of nuts (a small handful if you have big hands). Therefore, snacking alone on one whole pack of trail mix or whatever nuts you have, especially those that come in a party pack, is waaaaay too much for one consumption. Remember, ONE HANDFUL!Random info: Almonds are a good source of calcium.

Sensitive Vitamin C

We all know that this vitamin is an antioxidant that’s why we are aware of how important this is in our diet. It boosts our immune system, aids in the production of collagen in our skin, is needed in the absorption of iron, aids in wound healing…. and the list goes on. Let me tell you something: Vitamin C is an unstable vitamin. It easily gets destroyed when exposed to heat. So when you are sick and need a boost of vitamin C or are simply just getting a drink for refreshment, choose those citrusy drinks that are iced/ cold rather than going for a hot lemon tea/calamansi juice.

If you opt to have it hot/warm, although it may provide relief and little relaxation, the vitamin C in your drink is gone. You would want to keep the Vitamin C in there so have it iced! The way you store your juice concentrates and other food products with Vitamin C also matters. Make sure to keep it away from heat and direct sunlight!

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