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Pet whisperers

Text: Martie De Castro, Kaye Santander, and Mary Joyce Villaflor
STC Mass Comm Interns


DOGS and cats are among the most lovable animals because they are trainable, easy to go along with, and affectionate. Individuals who have them as pets forge a special bond with their furry friends.

A source of comfort, pets become part of the family. Said the writer Anatole France: “Until one has loved an animal, a part of one’s soul remains unawakened.” This is true for these dog and cat owners as they share tips on how to raise and discipline their pets.

“Every cat has its own personality. To discipline them I should know first their personality. Cats learn through repeated experiences. This is the best way to correct their bad behavior or letting them know they’re doing something bad. Saying “no” or a hiss sound works for me. It may not get rid of the bad behavior, but surely they’re aware that they’re doing something wrong. Scratching is normal for them, so I provided a certain place for a scratch post. As for the dining table, where most of our puspin steal our food, I spray them with water every time they jump in the table (this is very effective for me!). Cats don’t respond well to punishment. It can make the behavior worse but can also cause a cat to become stressed or scared of you. Raising pets is full lifetime commitment. They must be provided with shelter, exercise, care, food and water appropriate to their physiological and behavioral needs. Vaccination and deworming are always a must to protect them from such diseases. Neutering your pets will avoid unwanted pregnancies and to keep as to how many pets you can keep.” — Jinky Nardo, Veterinary Student

“Consistency is the key. No room for being lazy or you’ll go back to zero. Reinforce good behavior with treats and praise. Shots should always be up-to-date. Hygiene and cleanliness is important. Give them regular baths, brush their teeth and clean their ears. My friend told me to wipe my dogs with baby wipes before bedtime since they sleep with me and my husband. Give your dog the best dog food you can afford. And always make time for play and cuddles.” — Alexa Crisostomo, Art Director

“I would like to believe that a dog’s personality mirrors that of the owner. Chow chows are a breed of their own, I could say. They are known for being stubborn and temperamental. But having personally reared my CHOWdren made me know each of their characters and as such, I deal with each of them differently, and I guess this is no different from dealing and disciplining children. Just a word of caution, though: spare the rod or slippers. I should say, taste their wrath. My CHOWdren are my constant buddies. They are the source of my joy and they could be stress busters too.” — Peaches Cabahug Atienza, Entrepreneur

“I’ve heard from someone that once you own a cat, you never get to own them and you will understand this if you have a cat of your own. True enough! It is very real. Cats are indifferent, mysterious and lazy creatures on their own way. They like to do their stuff at their own time, unless they are famished. Then that’s the time they notice your existence. But I simply adore them. Rarely do they show compassion, but when they do, they won’t do it to other people. It’s the most precious thing in the world. Having cats is like having spoiled kids. They do the darnest things. Like mine, salmon-flavored wet cat food might be her favorite today, but tomorrow she won’t even touch it. Training them takes a lot of patience and love. Each cat has its own personality. An owner must embrace their uniqueness and individuality. They are very demanding and frolicky with their decisions, but at the end, it’s all worth it!” — May Genevieve Carren P. Alturas, BPO Trainer

“Prince is a one-year-old Chihuahua-Japanese Spitz cross breed. I take care of him basically by treating him just like a baby brother (feeding him, bathing him, playing with him, taking him for a walk, swimming at the beach, or biking) and making him feel the love he deserves. And I discipline him like how I discipline my brother, and now he knows the things that I don’t like. I talk to him like he’s human. Crazy, right? But I believe he understands me. It feels like we have our own world, something that every pet owner understands. Prince is not just an ordinary dog for me. He is someone who I truly treasure. He was and will always be my companion till I grow old.” — Gazelle Zillah Serra, Medical Technologist

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