Pet essentials - Weekend

Pet essentials

By Patricia May P. Catan


COMING home is something every dog owner looks forward to after a long day at work or in school because a fury friend awaits your return. An excited pup with its wagging tail welcomes you as you step inside your home and instantly your worries are forgotten about. A best friend this loyal deserves a day of pampering and what better way to manifest your appreciation than to take your dog out for some fun.

Heading out with your dog also entails a number of important things to pack that will equip you to have a smooth sailing doggy’s day out. Helping pet owners in the city, SunStar Weekend rounds up a few dog accessories that you might want to own or bring when you spend some quality time with your fury friend outside your home.

Leash and collar

The leash and collar are considered as two of the many important tools every dog owner should have. Every dog is different with varied behaviors so it’s best to know what type of leash or collar fits best for your canine. Aside from its functional features, you can also indulge in your pet’s fashionable side with a matching dog collar and leash.

Travel bowl and bottle

A portable bowl and water bottle are essential items to pack for outdoor play time with your fury friend. These are great for feeding and watering your dog or puppy on walks, hikes, or camping. Keep your buddy hydrated and happy no matter where you are with the perfect travel bowl and bottle.

Dog tag

To ensure your best friend’s safety, a dog tag is necessary to clearly identify your pet. You can also personalize your dog’s ID tag with a variety of designs and colors to choose from that will fit your pet’s style. Your pup will rule doggy lane with how great they look wearing their customized dog tag.

Folding kennel or crate

When you’re out and about with your dog, a kennel or crate is ideal for transport especially when you’re traveling to farther places or any place for that matter. This tool will help secure your fur baby in place and it’s also a handy accessory because you can just fold it for easy storage.

Potty pads and waste bag

Potty pads are not only functional for potty training, but these are convenient for cleaning your dog’s pee or dirty litter when in a public place. A waste bag on the other hand will also conveniently and compactly hold your soiled dog potty pads until you’re ready to bring them to the trash.


Keep your fur baby chic and fashionable from dog dresses and jumpers to hoodies and bows for play time outdoors or quality time indoors. Whether you want to achieve that fresh look with a simple shirt or go classy with an oversized sweater, your dog will feel cozy on sunny and rainy days.

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