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5 Sinulog Festival Essentials

By Patricia May P. Catan


PRITITIT! You heard that right. The biggest festival of the year is here and we’re just as excited as you are to witness all the festivities happening today. But before we get into all the merrymaking, let’s equip ourselves with the things needed for a smooth sailing Sinulog day. And just in case it slipped your mind, here are five Sinulog Festival essentials:

Sinulog shirt

The grandest festival in Cebu is finally in our midst and the best way to get into all of today’s festivities is by wearing your very own Sinulog shirt. If you haven’t gotten your hands on a Sinulog shirt yet, Islands Souvenirs is here to help. Cut & Style is back at it again to make your Sinulog a colorful and creative one. This year, Islands Souvenirs is bringing a whole new lineup of exclusive designs and accessories to complete your ultimate festival #OOTD. Go ahead and visit an Islands Souvenirs store near you and cut, style, paint, and embellish your way to an unforgettable Sinulog experience.

A trusty pair of shoes

Everyone will be out on the streets to witness the Sinulog dance parade, which means several roads in Cebu City today are closed to make way for dancers and floats. If you’re planning to bring your car, leave them at home or a parking area far from the crowds, and wear your trusty and comfiest pair of shoes instead. There’s no other way to get through today’s celebration than to walk, walk and walk. So, make sure your feet are wearing a reliable footwear to last you the day.

Cap or umbrella

Cebu’s current weather is unpredictable, but whether the sun shows up today or the clouds pour, it’s best to get yourself ready for what may come. Pack with you a sturdy umbrella or cap when you go out to shade you from the heat of the sun or protect you from rain showers.


You’ll be out on the streets whole day, walking and standing, which can drain up all your stored energy, and worse, cause dehydration. Refuel with some cold water or any drink that’s thirst-quenching. While we suggest you bring your own bottle of water to avoid you the hassle, there’s still a lot of vendors on the street in case a bottle isn’t enough. Just make sure you dispose of these bottles properly.

Sling bag

Of course, we can’t go out of the house without a bag because it’s where we store our essentials. We know that Sinulog might not be the best time to carry a bag due to the crowded streets, but we suggest you a carry a sling bag instead, which is lighter and smaller. Inside is where you should keep your wallet and phone for safekeeping. Other essentials like a pack of tissue or wipes and even your foldable umbrella can be stored there too. A friendly reminder, though, make sure you wear your sling bag in front of you while walking for extra precaution.

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